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BPMS Pictures

The pictures of projects and other stuff from BPMS

Noah Harasz

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of BPMS Pictures

Really cool things happen at BPMS Projects, Experiments, and a lot of other things are happening But these are just some some more projects, these are spanish Here are some hilarious
photoshop pictures that
our web design team did Here are some pics from
the 8th grade finance
park field trip As you can see BPMS is really
fun. With the projects, field
trips, and fun classes to take,
overall, it's a breath-takingly, great, pretty, amazing school. It's way better than any other school ever made in the history of ever. Some volcano experiments
from our 6th graders And when mentos
are added to the
pepsi volcanoes... So if you're looking for a middle school, Bay Point is the school for you. Some classes like Web Design
taught by Mrs. Giuffre use things like
voice threads, and wall wishers.
These are web 2.0 programs where you can interact with the website. And we even use this. PREZI! We also have a lot of really
cool things at Bay Point
like Smart boards and
computer classes Smart board Here are some of our students
taking a computer class Some other classes make
gadgets out of K'nex,
here is a sample Bay Point has
spirit weeks where
you can show your
spirit through dressing
up, in this case socks... Our 8th grade science classes hold their annual mouse trapcar competition. The 8th graders made cars out of mouse traps, winding the string and letting them go. Here are some pics. Here are some Eiffel towers.
Built by our French class.
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