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Copy of Louisville Department of Public Works Budget 2015

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pete flood

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Louisville Department of Public Works Budget 2015

Louisville Metro Public Works Department
2013-14 Activities & Initiatives

Louisville Metro
Public Works

Engineering Services
Streets and Roads Management
Solid Waste Management Services
Who We Are
480 Employees

3 Divisions
Streets and Roads
Solid Waste Management Services
Infrastructure Management-Engineering Services
38 Programs

Our Mission: "To provide the highest quality of public service and to enhance the quality of life for all Louisville Metro citizens".

Public Works Department Programs
Traffic Control & Lighting
300 Metro Traffic Signals
700 State Traffic Signals
84,000 Signs
1390 Metro Decorative Street Lights
600 Metro Viaduct Lights
23,000 LG&E Leased Street Lights
182 Civil Defense Sirens
1200 Traffic Studies Conducted
1000 Treatments, Countermeasures and Improvements Due to Studies
Maintains Streets and Sidewalks
2132 Metro Lane Miles
417 State Lane Miles
1200 Acres of ROW Mowing
Solid Waste
106,000 Households USD
217,000 Household SSD
1 Transfer Station (WRC)
1 Household Hazardous Waste Facility
14 Non-Staffed Recycling Center
4 Staffed Recycling Centers
DPW Overview

Charting the Course
Strategic Planning/LouieStat
Workforce Development
Succession Planning

Stakeholder Compliance with Metro and State Codes and Ordinances

Aging Infrastructure
Underground Facilities
Water Lines
Sewer and Storm Water Lines
LG&E Lines
Aging Internal Infrastructure

Departmental Challenges

Snow Removal Operations-Dixie Highway

Engineering Services

Project Management
Inspection Services
Right of Way
Encroachment Permits
Pavement and Sidewalk Management
Capital Project Management
Bike and Pedestrian
Traffic Operations
Signs and Markings
Electrical Maintenance
Geographical Information Systems
Initiatives & Innovations
Updated Pavement Ratings
Updated Sign Inventory
Multi-Modal Transportation Master Plan
HAWK-River Road Pedestrian Signal
ADA Compliance
28 Miles of Bicycle Facilities Installed
Continuous Performance Improvement
Strategic Planning
Personnel Management
Strategic Planning
Streets and Roads
Street Maintenance
2,127 Alley Pothole Repairs
39,668 Street Potholes Repaired
27,441 Linear Ft. Cracks Sealed
129,518 Square Ft. Asphalt
Utility Maintenance
67 Grate Install/Repair
77 Ditch Regrades/Cleanings
71 Catch Basins/Cave In Repairs
Sidewalk Maintenance
108 Repairs
136 Shoulder Repair
110 Snow Routes
22 Snow Events
1914 ROW Obstructions
142 Litter/Dumps/BB Goals/Graffiti Removed
709 Asphalt Overlays
244 Tree Removal/Trimmings/Plantings
39 Special Projects
Initiatives & Innovation
Snow and Ice Fighting Techniques
Concrete Curb Replacement
Asphalt Base Repair
Concrete Sidewalk Repair
Drainage Repair
ROW Dangerous Tree Removal
Storm Response
Gate and Handrail Repair
ROW Graffiti Removal
Vegetation Treatments
Litter Abatement Collection
ROW Mowing and Trimming
Damaged Guardrail Repair
Solid Waste Management

106,400 Customers Serviced (Weekly and Bulk)
Garbage and Junk 74,416 tons
Recycling 9,665 tons
Yard Waste 10,236 tons
Waste Reduction Center Operations 46,154 tons
Recycling Centers-All County 5,867 tons
Urban and Suburban Street Sweeping (3 Per Yr)
Central Business District Operations
Solid Waste Enforcement (Illegal Dumping)
Snow Removal

Recycling & Diversion Rate (District)
Residential/Commercial Rate: 27.3%
Overall Rate: 50.32 %
Initiatives & Innovations
CBD Wet/Dry Pilot Program
Alley and Bike Lane Sweeping
Metro Building Recycling Program
Special Events Services
Surveillance Camera Program
Construction & Demolition Debris Reduction

Waste Management Five Year Plan (District)
Litter Abatement Grant (District)
Solid Waste Licensing (District)

Waste Management District
Partnership for a Green City
Brightside-Cleanliness Assessment
Air Pollution Control-Lawn Care for Clean Air
Mayor's Innovation Delivery Team
Because of Public Works
Enforcement/Illegal Dumping
Enforcement Statistics
11,448 Total Inspections
827 Education Letters
1,702 Notice of Violations Issued
377 Solid Waste Citations Issued
78 Illegal Dumping Citations
10 Vehicles Impounded
4, 853 Parking Citations Issued
4,232 Follow-up Inspections

Illegal Dumping Statistics
Catalyst for Mayor's Six Year Plan Goals
Upgrade Sidewalks and Roadways
Recycle More
Division Planning Teams (4)
Goals created with mindset of continuous improvement and delivery of better services to Louisville residents
LouieStat & 1DPWSTAT
Enterprise Metrics
Overtime ($2,015,822 FY12 to $1,580,952 FY13)
Hours Not Worked (9% FY12 to 6% FY13)
High Sick Leave Consumption (42% FY12 to 36% FY13)
Hours Lost to Work Related Injury/Illness (3% FY12 to 2% FY13)
Lost Time Injury (LTI) rate (7% Calendar Year (CY) 2013)
OSHA rate (23% CY12 to 15% CY13)
Safety and Training
Programs and Statistics
Training Metrics
66 Training Courses
315 Equipment Classes Conducted
234 Safety Classes Conducted
Accident Review Committee (ARC)
Safety Committee
Safety Logistics Program
Job Hazard Analysis
Operations Guide
Job Safety Audits
Weekly Safety Toolboxes
Vehicle & Equipment Inspections
Standard Operating Procedures (Safety)
Accident Investigations
Safety Manuals
Safety Survey's
Stretching Program

Safety & Training
Continuous Performance Improvement
East District Building Central District Building
Electrical Maintenance Building West District Building
Solid Waste Management Campus Sign Shop
902 DPW Vehicles and Equipment
HAWK-River Road
Seneca Loop
Paving Management
Sidewalk Management
Personnel Management
Return to Work (reduced Hours Not Worked and Hours Lost to Work Related Injury/Illness
Performance Evaluations
Workforce Development
Revised Policies and Procedures (Created Manual)
Departmental Work Groups
Public Works Special Events Process (baseline being researched)
Streets & Roads Sidewalk Backlog (34,154 LF Jan 2013 to 26,154 LF Mar 2014)
Engineering Services Right of Way Inspection Process (1600 outstanding inspections Aug 2013 to 500 outstanding inspections Jan 2014)
Solid Waste “Trip Card” Data Collection (28% error rate 2013)
Streets & Roads Drainage Issue Response Time (baseline being researched)
Engineering Services Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Cycle Time (baseline being researched)
Facilities Deferred Maintenance (project transferred to OMB)

Continuous Performance Improvement
Bike Lanes
Southwestern Parkway
Southwestern Parkway
Door Buffer
Breckenridge Lane
Illegal Dumping Ordinance Results and Surveillance Camera Status
Camera Program
19 Solar Multi-Directional Cameras
50,000 Plus Photo's Taken
2 Citations Issued
Continuous Improvement
Logistics of Movement Challenge-
Bucket Truck Needed
Winter Time Challenges
Where cameras are placed the dumping quickly stops
Illegal Dumping Statistics
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