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1945: Looking Forward

No description

Jarod Roll

on 2 May 2017

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Transcript of 1945: Looking Forward

1945: Looking Forward
1. greater unemployment compensation
2. Substantial increases in the minimum wage, together with broader coverage.
3. The maintenance and extension of price controls to keep down the cost of living in the transition to a peacetime economy.
4. Legislation to ensure full employment.
5. Legislation to make the Fair Employment Practice Committee permanent.
6. The maintenance of sound industrial relations.
7. The enactment of broad and comprehensive housing legislation.
8. Greater levels of assistance to small businesses.
9. Improvements in federal aid to war veterans.
10. A major expansion of public works, conserving and building up natural resources.
11. The introduction of a decent pay scale for all Federal Government employees—executive, legislative, and judicial.
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