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Career Shadow

ESPN Wide World of Sports

Emily Bolger

on 7 June 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadow

Career Shadowing My mentors names are Emily Moak and Christine Assay. They are sports event coordinators. By: Emily Bolger This is a picture of a handout christine gave us. This is another picture of a handout. This is picture of another handout. They organize the spring tranining event for the Atlanta Braves. This is the base floor the basketball games that they schedule. This is a picture of the floor that they put down when big basketball tournaments happen. This is a picture of the new floor in the jostens center. It is one that they might play on in the future. Christine's answers The purpose of the company is to provide them with quality equipment, fields, on sight experience, etc. She thinks the company will have expanded and multiple companies. Her emplobility skills is she cant eat or chew gum. She has to wear her unitform. Also she can't drink anything but water. Her average salary range is 20,000 to 50,000. The education needed for this job is sports management degree. The technology used in this job is word, excel, powerpoint, and go sport. The skills needed for this job is you have to be friendly outgoing, personable, and detail oriented. Emily's answers The purpose of the company is to plan and execute sports events. She thinks in fifteen years the company will be still here, increased venus, technology will be more advanced. The emplobility skills for her are her coustume/uniform, apperance guidelines, the look book, and no chewing gum. Her average salary rate is 20,000 to 50,000. The education needed is a degree in sports management. The technology there is computers, microsoft office, digital scoreboards, and cell phones (blackberries). She thinks that your skills have to be planning experience, computer skills. What I likes best about this job is almost everything. The only thing that concerns me is the technology. There is pretty much nothing that I dislike about this job. The walking may be a pain but its an overall amazing job. I would defintely pursue a career in the company. I have seen all I need in order to know this.
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