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Competitive swimming

No description

Yael Guy

on 7 May 2017

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Transcript of Competitive swimming

Competitive swimming
By: Yael Guy
Humans have shown to be swimming for thousands of years. However, it only became competitive in the 1800's.
Competitions in swimming originated in Britain with using only 'breast stroke'.
The popularity of swimming in England led to the formation of Amateur Swimming Association in 1880's.
In 1896, four swimming contests were held in the Athens Olympics. (100m sailors, 100m, 500m, 1200m freestyle).
In 1900, the olympic games in France, held a 200m, 1000m, and 4000m backstroke and a 200m relay race.
In 1912, women swam competitively for the first time in Sweden olympics.
Modern Swimming
Swimming now is competitive all over the world.
Women, men and children participate in competitions in olympics, clubs, leagues etc...
Competitions have grown into 4 strokes (freestyle, Back, butterfly and breast) as well as medley which is a race consists of all 4 strokes.
There are many supporting and professional tools for swimming including:
Goggles Cap clips Rubber fins Paddles Earplugs
Governments Role
Government of Canada invests in Sport Support Program (SSP) which aims to develop atheletes and coaches at highest levels to provide a good swimming program all around Canada.

Invests in Athelete Assistant Program (AAP) which provides financial assistance to Canadian High preformance athletes to help with financial pressure participating in an international swimming competitions.

Invests in Hosting Program which aids in hosting the Canada games and international for swimming and other sports events.
School clubs features swimming competitions as well as many clubs/ leagues across Canada.

Amateur Swimming Association- features free swimming events in Canada and across the world.

Swimming competitions are mostly amateur, if so, only olympic swimmers would be the one considered professional as they get paid to compete.
When it comes to swimming competitively media coverage is rare. Unless it is a big sports events like the olympics, media would take over all the races.

Organizations that build swimming events keep track in keeping scores of any swimming leagues in the country or around the world. (OFSAA Websites)

Cheating and Drugs
Several swim suits reduce swimmer's efforts in water drag.
Pregnancy increases physical activity (Early pregnancy increases blood volume leading to a better oxygen transport).
Drugs and doping is a big one, these include steroids and stimulants.
South African gold medalist Cameron van Der Burgh admitted to taking extra underwater kicks during his world-record performance in the 100-meter breaststroke at the Olympics.
Bone & Joint Injuries
Swimmer's Shoulder: is the most common type of
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