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How to eat an elephant

No description

Shauna Lewallen

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of How to eat an elephant

Who are you guys?
Shauna Lewallen, CPRP
Recreation Services Manager,
Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation

Greg Morris, CPRP
Recreation Supervisor,
Novi Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services
CAPRA Accreditation: You Can Do It!
(or "How to Eat an Elephant")

Learning Objectives
Participants will take home
tools and tactics

to start (and finish!)
the accreditation process with their agency.
Participants will understand how to
set a

reasonable timeline
for their organization to obtain CAPRA accreditation.
Participants will learn how to
keep it going by keeping it fun
What is CAPRA?
Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies

Accredits park and recreation agencies for excellence in operation and service

What is a standard?
What is accreditation?
Quality assurance process

Independent evaluation against established standards

Demonstrated commitment to high level of service

151 standards
37 fundamental standards
114 other standards

Must meet all 37 fundamental and 90% of the other 114
Do the prep work
Figure out who the major players are
Upper Management
Other Department Heads
Direct Reports
City Manager
Parks Board
Plan your pitch
Know your resources
Everybody is ready.

So....how exactly do
you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time...
Get the plan rolling
Track progress and stay organized
Keep it fun!
Bonus Learning Moments
How it all worked out
Keeping the momentum
Yearly CAPRA Review Calendar
Questions? Let us know!
Shauna Lewallen

Greg Morris

November 2013
Sample Chapter Breakdown
Doesn't have to be driven from the top.
Keep CAPRA in the discussion.
Be the cheerleader.
January – 1.0: Agency Authority, Role and Responsibility
February – 4.0: Human Resources
March – 8.0: Public Safety, Law Enforcement and Security
April – 9.0: Risk Management
May – 3.0: Organization and Administration
June – 5.0: Financial Management
July – 6.0: Programs and Services Management
August – 2.0: Planning
September – 7.0: Facility and Land Use Management
October – 10.0: Evaluation and Research
November + December– Evaluation of review

May 2013
August 2014
Sprint to the finish!
Finalize travel
Prepare the room
Clear your schedule
Show gratitude

Chapter 4 is a beast.
Everything needs to be dated.
Host or attend a visitor training.
Use the CAPRA network. We love to share.
Have a "fake" visit.
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