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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challen

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Meggie Le Scelleur

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of In what ways does your media product use, develop or challen

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
My Film opening use forms and conventions of media products because I have used suspense music to add a new layer of fear that my protagonist is feeling in the scenes in which she is running down the corridor. This develops normally conventions as thriller are known to play mind games throughout film by the use of music and sound editing.
I have developed the conventions of thriller films as the female protagonist is normally wearing plain simple clothing to give the impression of innocence.
My media products follow and develop the conventions of my genre, thriller.
My film opening develops the conventions of my genre as a lot of thrillers are film in the protagonist's home settings as this is where they are meant to feel safe but are being pursued by a stalker/murder giving a thrill to the audience.
I have used simple background music with very simple editing as I did not want my background music to be hectic so that it took away from what was happening on screen.
I have developed the forms and conventions of thriller films through the use of my protagonist's costumes.
This can be seen by my use of a young, blonde female character as this protagonist is stereotypical in the genre of thriller.
Females protagonists in Thrillers are normally young to show innocence and vulnerability in the situations they find themselves in.

This is shown in such films as...
The Hole
Fear Island
My Film opening's locations develops and challenges the conventions of my genre.
My protagonist's home settings that are being used is her bedroom and school...
My film opening challenges yet develops my conventions of my genre by using a hidden location as the final part of my film opening, this develops the conventions of my genre as it keeps the suspense of the film up but challenge the viewers as they do not know the out come of the female protagonist.
The unknown location that I have used is a photography studio as it can be completely black out giving the room a level of mystery.
The use of the young girls room gives innocence to the character which causes the viewers to sympathize with her.
By using the school as a location it shows how young the character is which makes the audience relate and sympathize with her which is development on the conventions of the genre.
By using the unknown location it develops yet challenges the conventions of genre as you do not know where the character is which keeps the viewers interested.
I have used calm peaceful music in the beginning of my film opening which challenges the conventions of this genre as this type of music is not stereotypically found in thriller films.
I have use a simple black top,black leggins and grey jumper as this develops the forms and conventions of young people in films and they are associated with jumpers with hoods because of there age.
I have challenged the forms and conventions of thriller films as when female protagonists are in sleepwear in films they are usually dressed in very little to show how they are very vulnerable and not be able to protect themselves.
I haven't used this tactic as I wanted to give my protagonist a stronger yet feminin. The vulnerability of character is being shown through her hair as in the normal conventions of thriller films blonde female protagonists are either identified as stupid or weak.
My Film opening has been left very open to the interpretation of the audience as I do not identify the identify of the person in which my protagonist is being chased and captured by.

This leaves the audience to come up with their own theories of what is to happen to my protagonist , this challenges yet develops the normal conventions of thriller films as most thrillers leave the murder or stalker's identity hidden until the final moments of the film.

By doing this it keeps the audience interested and guessing throughout the opening of my film.
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