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Create A Planet

No description

Teddy Olson

on 20 June 2011

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Transcript of Create A Planet

Since the planet is anchored in one position, there isn't night or day. Instead, the moon passes between the sun and Jungice. The moon is just smallerthan the planet so Jungice's gravity keeps it in check. The atmosphere is very very similer to that of earth. One of the major differences is the amont of ozone. Jungice has about 2% more ozone than earth. Also, the side of the planet facing the sun is some what moist Jungice is half jungle and half Artic desert. This effect is created by the red dwarf that Jungice orbits. The gravity of the sun keeps one side anchored to the sun, just like earths moon This project annoys me Jungice This project is super stressful Jungice is similar to Earth in many ways, but one of its most noticable differences is the 3 moons orbiting Jungice

The largest of the 3 moons (Doth-7) creates a night & day effect on the planet

Since Jungice is "tidally locked" to the Red Dwarf Star it orbits it doesnt have a natural day & night cycle

Without Doth-7 the only habitable place on Jungice would be around the equator of the planet because the side facing the Red Dwarf would get too hot and the side facing away from the Red Dwarf is too cold to sustain life Jungice’s atmosphere is very similar to Earth’s. This is why humans are able to live there. Its atmospheric pressure stays at around 950 millibars. The four main gases in the atmosphere are:

nitrogen(takes up 77.71% of atmosphere)
carbon dioxide (.04%)

One of the most major differences is the anount of ozone. It has 3% more ozone than earth blocking 100% of all UV rays. Jacob Lageson The Sun's radiation and is what keeps Jungice's interior hot and molten (in most parts) Jungice is half jungle and half Artic desert. This effect is created by the red dwarf that Jungice orbits. The gravity of the sun keeps one side anchored to the sun, just like earths moon. Humans have arrived and live on the jungle side of the planet as well as the ice side. This will show the climate of the two areas. JUNGLE SIDE
temperatures can hit as high as 109
degrees fahrenheit during the summer
and drop to 70 degrees in the winter
humidity can reach 88%
hot sunny days and heavy rain storms

temperatures have been known to get down to -95 degrees fahrenheit in winter and -4 in the summer
no rain fall
days are dark and skies are very clear Jungice has a liquid outer core that creates a magnetic field protecting itself from solar wind and cosmic rays. The Sun's radiation is what keeps Jungice's interior hot and molten (in most parts of the interior)

Climate can have some temperature changes due to mild to devastating volcanic eruptions

Ash and smoke from volcanic eruptions and forest fires are carried by wind and across Jungice

Floods are caused due to excessive rain A slow moving mantle would allow enough volcanic eruptions to keep carbon dioxide in our atmosphere to maintain a comfortable temperature for life. •3 Major Groups Of Creatures
•Composers: bacteria, fungi
Live on Jungle floor and in Ice caves
•Producers: Bioluminescence, plants
Bioluminescent creatures live on the ice side and create light for plants and in turn eat the plants.
•Consumers: Everything else
They consume plants and other creatures Jungice's slow moving lithosphere allows it to recycle carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere keeping a warm suitable temperature for life Plants and animals breathe, so they change the chemical composition of the enviroment to be able to (mostly the atmosphere)

They feed, so they re-organize/consume matter(this is the cause of the so called cycles; the cycle of carbon, nitrogen etc) Sun gives off light Microorganisms or centipedes decomposethe carcass. Plants turn sunlight into energy The consumer dies die A consumer eats the life form Herbivore or Biolumo eats the plant Energy goes into helping more plants grow. Cycle Of Life jungle phoenix ice phoenix juorge surlung THANKS FOR LISTENING
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