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Welcome to the Symbolic Prezi Portal

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Ben Medd

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to the Symbolic Prezi Portal


The Key to
- Symbolism predates language
- The earliest symbols were 'written' on cave walls and emphasized the natural environment (man, animals and sun/stars). These same symbols form the core of our 'modern' languages and our perception of 'reality'.
Symbolism is
The natural world has always lain at the core of our oldest (and most powerful) symbols. The sun, moon, sky, stars, water, fire, weather, plants and animals were key symbols to the earliest 'humans'. These particular cave 'paintings' are now believed to have been created by Neanderthals. They are the oldest cave art found to date and have changed the way people view the world.
These particular symbols suggest that not only were Neanderthals more advanced than modern experts gave them credit for, but that they may actually be our family. Studying these ancient symbols has caused a highly-controversial debate to emerge, challenging our very understanding of who we are and how our species came to be.
Symbolism is ancient, ubiquitous and controversial:
The study of symbols both unifies and divides. In this
case it is being used (in connection with historical analysis and the 'scientific method') to suggest that organized religions (this impacts all major faiths, not just the obvious saint-based Catholicism) are based on flawed evidence. If such a statement were true, it would suggest that religious believers were being duped into being part of a fictional faith.
Symbols Shape Society
are "the gateway to the soul"
are a symbol of wisdom and perspective.
These glasses, however, are chosen for their mirror-like reflective qualities, which directs all emphasis on Neo, suggesting they need to be considered very carefully in relation to their symbolic value.
Pills, food, drink
and other consumable things are also symbolic gateways to other worlds.
These particular pills present the user with clear choices.
Taking the pills allows Neo to cross the threshold into a new reality/world.
The reference to Neo feeling "a bit like
, tumbling down the
rabbit hole
" is crucial to understanding the symbolism here.
Alice falls down a well (a gateway/portal) before eating and drinking strange (and disturbing) things. Like Neo, the consumption of these mysterious edibles allows Alice to cross into a new world.
The 'Real' World Before Crossing
The 'Other' World Beyond the Gateway
The Allusive and Elusive 'Rabbit Hole' and 'Gateway' Drugs
Symbolic Gateways
Passing the Gate
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