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Ammaarah - Multimedia Presentation

A Multimedia Presentation that contains a personal profile and various school experiences.

Ammaarah Patel

on 21 May 2017

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Transcript of Ammaarah - Multimedia Presentation

Family, Friends & I
Benefits the School has given Me
Ammaarah Patel
Take a walk in my shoes, Travel the path I've traveled... Everyone has a story
The past three years at high-school have changed me steadily and slowly. Once a quite, timid girl, I have now matured and become more confident. From academics, to family-life to friends; changes have occurred. My social circle has changed - for the positive of-course :)
My personal goals, likes and dislikes have changed. I have learnt how to deal with issues independently, as well as becoming more self-reliant.
Studying in a small close-knit friendly environment- once made up of 30 girls and now 14! - we have undoubtedly all changed. Confidence levels have boosted! Friendships have become tighter!
AND we have all academically, socially and emotionally developed.
During my three years of High school, I have experienced some memorable and successful moments. In year 7 and 8, alhamdulillah, I was fortunate enough to achieve the DUX award.
The long nights I spent studying was finally paid off when I achieved such an award. However, it did come as a surprise, as I wasn't expecting it.
The hard work, studying, and effort put in by my parents, teachers and myself lead to this success. Constant motivation, encouragement and support assisted me.
My persistent nature, and always striving to see the light at the end of the tunnel, undoubtedly lead to this one success.
In 5 Years Time...
In five years time, I would like to be achieving my dream of becoming a dentist. Biology has always been my passion, so to study and achieve the role of a Dentist, would be my utmost goal. In five years time, I would inshallah still be studying in university.

Going to university will make me see the world from a different perspective, away from the protected 'shell', we are in now. It will open my eyes to issues that occur daily, and make me more aware of society as a whole.
My Motto I live by:
Life is but a never-ending roller coaster, each twist and turn still bringing whoops of joy, or cries of fear to the riders
I absolutely love thrilling rides and daring deeds! From sky-diving, parachuting, bungee - jumping, to white-water rafting, my risky goals do not end :)
All About Me!
How the Past Years at High-school have changed ME!
Alhamdulillah... One Success!
Born in the quiet, mountainous town of Mutare, Zimbabwe, I grew up living and breathing with nature. Chasing monkeys in the backyard, picking strawberries in the summer, and staying cozy in winter; life was beautiful. My life in Zimbabwe revolved around school, mosque and playing in my large garden. We picked flowers in spring, and played in the rain during autumn.

At the age of 10, we migrated to Sydney, Australia. Astounded by the sky scrapers, fast paced life and technology; I loved it here! Five years flew by, with a normal routine – school, studying and relaxing holidays. Primary School led onto High school. 2012, and here I am, in year 9, enjoying my favorite sports – soccer, swimming and tennis – during my holidays.. I spend all my free time with a good book, drawing, and aspiring to become a Dentist.
Start Studying ASAP!!!
"Success isn't Final,
Failure isn't Fatal,
It's the courage to continue that matters!
Urgent Shopping Spree - Saturday
Alnoori Muslim School has provided me with numerous benefits. Elected as school captain in year 8, definitely improved my confidence levels. The parliament visit provided me with outside exposure, and I was able to interact with various people, who were passionate about different things.

An amazing principal and teachers definitely made learning fun, successful and interesting.
Enjoying a laugh with my awesome brother!
Posing for a picture on the beach - the roaring waves and cool breeze a backdrop against the inky sky - with my lil' cute brother!
Enjoying a beautiful day at the beach with my amazing family.
The beach is where I'd love to spend all my days; with the salty breeze, rushing tides and sun-kissed sand.
Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, - PositiveMed. 2012. Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, - PositiveMed. ONLINE Available at: http://positivemed.com/2012/06/24/nobody-can-go-back-and-start-a-new-beginning/. Accessed 15 November 2012.

Personally taken photographs and a video was used.
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