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White Fang

No description

Henry Gatica

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of White Fang

Rising Action
Kiche and her pack start ambushing Bill and Henry on there way to Fort McGurry.
One Eye and Kiche find a cave and have a litter of pups.
A famine occurs and White Fang is the only pup to survive.
Rising Action
White Fang and Kiche encounter Indians who take them into their camp.
Kiche leaves White Fang alone to defend himself.
White Fang becomes the enemy from the other puppies.
White Fang
by Jack London

Rising Action
Grey Beaver takes White Fang to Fort Yukon.
Beauty Smith trades whiskey for White Fang.
White Fang escapes Beauty Smith and returns to Grey Beaver.
The setting for the novel white Fang by Jack London takes the reader to the Yukon forest along the Mackenzie river, in Fort Yukon, Dawson,Canada and in a farm near San Francisco,CA. In this story the protagonist is White Fang meanwhile the Antagonist is the wild.
The main conflict in the novel is that White Fang isn't sure to go with his dog instincts or his wolf instincts.
Beauty Smith takes White Fang to Dawson where he is known as "fighting wolf."
Falling Action
White Fang loses his first fight and a man named Weedon Scott cares for him.
Falling Action
White Fang and Weedon go to their farm near San Francisco,CA.
Falling Action
White Fang rescues Judge Scott from Jim Hall who escaped prison.
White Fang gets the trust from the family and gets treated as a regular dog.
Point of View
In "White Fang", Jack London uses the club tho symbolize violence and disobedience. Beauty Smith and Grey Beaver used the club to beat white fang when he disobeyed; Grey Beaver beat White fang when he was younger so he wouldn't disobey. Beauty smith beat White Fang so he would be mad and win fights against the other dogs. The use of the club in the novel shows the reader that disobedience causes problems.
In the novel White Fang, the point of view is third person omniscient. At the beginning of the book the story is told by Henry and Bill. After that, the point of view goes to Kiche where she has a litter of puppies. The rest of the story is told by a narrator following White Fang
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