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D.J. MacHale By Ekene

No description

lis lab3

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of D.J. MacHale By Ekene

D.J. Machale MacHale was born on March 11,1956. He is my favorite author because he writes scary books and his birthday is the same as mine. MacHale grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut. He is currently living in Southern California. He liked to write about books and tell public people about his books. He was inspired by Pat Cooper, his writing teacher in college. MacHale always writes scary books and mystery books. My favorite book would be "Morpheus Road, The Light" because it has unexpected things that come and it is scary. Pendragon: Book One is mostly about introducing the character and starts the adventures. Morpheus Road book 2 The Black it is about starting the adventures and having unusual visions. "Morpheus Road Book 3: The Blood" is about all the questions being answered as the two best friends Marshall and Cooper battle an evil villain. "Pendragon Book 3: The Never War" was about Bobby Pendragon and his friend who had finally made it to first earth, New York City 1937 where they have to destroy a massive beast. "The Monster Princess" it is about a princess who is extremely ugly and at the end she becomes beautiful. MacHale likes to go scuba diving with his daughter and wife. He likes hiking with his family. D.J. loves kids like us. He loves writing scary or mystery books. He likes pretending being a detective. By: Ekene Hope you enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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