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Wilderness Unpacked

No description

sam wren-lewis

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Wilderness Unpacked

Wilderness Unpacked
User experience
So you want to spend your weekend going on a long walk...

Do you have your own camping gear, and are you happy to carry it?
YES, I have my own gear, and I'm up for carrying it on my back
But where can I walk for 2-3 days?
(And without a car?)
A network of 2-3 day walks in each UK national park that link affiliated campsites
NO, I'm not an experienced camper, but I'm keen!
Can I go on any 2-3 day walks without having to buy or carry loads of camping equipment?
A network of 2-3 day walks in each UK national park that link affiliated sites with on-site accommodation
Activity Centres
Different levels of difficulty:
Print out routes with Getamap

Import to GPS apps such as ViewRanger

Piloting a network of 2-3 day walks, in one UK national park, that link affiliated campsites
"ZipCar for camping"
Affiliated sites are kitted out with a box containing camping equipment (a tent, sleeping and cooking equipment, etc.) for members to use at the end of a day’s walking.
This provides a way in which people can go on up to three-day walks without having to do loads of planning, have their own private transport, or buy and carry their own camping equipment.
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