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Forestry communities

No description

cheryl manley

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Forestry communities

Forestry Communities by Zahra and Samadi
Where our comunity is located
What jobs are available
There are lots of jobs you can find in a forestry community(ex.replanting trees,cutting down trees,forest fire fighting,and lumbermill).
The environment of our community
Lots of wildlife live in forests like deer,bears,many types of birds,and much,much more.
FUN FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Places where our community can be found
Our community is a forestry community. It is located near a forest where the people can harvest trees into wooden products.
How people can affect the environment
There are lots of ways people can affect the environment(ex.cuting down too many trees).
Our community can be found all across Canada like in Fort St.James,Thunder Bay,and Dalhousie.
OUR FUN FACT IS........ in ONE minute 100 aceres of trees are cut down + more trees are cut down than being planted!!!
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