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Karl Barth

A Brief History of Life

Todd Rohrer

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Karl Barth

Barth’s early influence arose in the 1920s. Living in Germany, he saw another force rise… Barth opposed Nazism.
They broke treaties. They were un-Christian They were un-human. Karl Barth A Brief History of Life Communism could not be allowed to stand During this time,
Liberal Theology had
become popular. Barth believed liberal theology made God to be a super-human, not a transcendant, sovereign diety. As a response, Barth started a new view of theology known as dialectical theology. Followers of Barth's dialectical theology attempted to understand God's relation to the world He created. Emil Brunner said that God could be found in nature. Karl Barth, of course, said, "NEIN!" Barth could not see how the majesty of God could be contained by finite expressions or things. He was so convinced that anything earthly could not contain the idea of God that he embarked to demythologize the Bible. The only thing in the history of the world that was infallible was Jesus. Karl Barth we need to respect God's sovereignty we need to question our beliefs. We need to stand up for others and for what is right believed many of the things the postmodern world believes. but we can always count on god to be our immovable rock Resources Barth, Karl. Church Dogmatics. Vol. I 2. London: T & T Clark, 2009. Print.

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