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No description

Mindie Caraballo

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Gifted

Topic 2:

Gifted Children
This PREZI is brought
to you by the letters and
(Ashley Roberson
Mindie Caraballo)
Ladies and gentlemen....
What characteristics do gifted individuals display across their lives that differentiate them from their same-age peers?
"Holistic" means considering the whole person...
intellectually, physically, socially,
By the time we are done yapping today, you will

~ attained a developmental understanding of gifted individuals across the life span from infancy to adulthood incorporating a holistic perspective

and be able to
~describe how the interaction between the environment and innate capabilities affects productivity throughout life.

Since our gifted students learn differently, it is necessary to teach them differently.

These exceptionalities of gifted learners need to be accommodated for... just as you would for any learning differences in your classroom.
Not allowing the gifted student opportunities to work towards their potential would do a huge disservice to the child....
We're on a roll!

Our learning scale:
0 1 2 3 4
How do you feel about identifying the characteristics that gifted individuals display across their lives that differentiate them from same-age peers and how their interaction between the environment and their innate capabilities affect productivity throughout life?
Some food for thought...
In other kid-friendly words from this guy...
Your learning goal for today is to understand that gifted kids develop differently than your regular run of the mill kids. Stuff is going to happen because of that.

Let's start with a quick warm-up!
Now let's find out for reals about these developmental characteristics...
is what a gifted toddler
looks like....

just sayin'
So...now that you are all experts on these gifted characteristics throughout the developmental stages of life...

we you another question...

In your humble opinion, do you think that

A: special programming for gifted kids is essential to their success and productivity


B: gifted kids can make their own way with the regular curriculum and can and should prove it through their grades

This sounds a LOT like the age old debate...
oh yeah...we're goin' there...
Weigh the scales!
How does the interaction between the environment and innate capabilities affect productivity throughout life?
productivity =
www.DadvidsonGifted.org Davidson Institute for Talent Development
www.sengifted.org SENGifted
American Association for Gifted Children
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