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PTA Presentation for IB MYP 2/3/13

IB MYP Update

Jane Walther

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of PTA Presentation for IB MYP 2/3/13

What will my student
experience in the
International Baccalaureate (IB)
Middle Years Programme?
What is the International Baccalaureate (IB)
Middle Years Programme?

* International Baccalaureate (IB)
- 3500 schools
- 144 countries
- 1,000,000+ students

* Middle Years Programme (MYP)
- Inclusive of all students 6-10

* Promotes Critical Thinking
- open-ended questioning
- project-based learning
- remediation & enrichment Instruction
* more student & teacher reflection
* more student presentations
* more units based on essential questions
* more rubric-based assignments
* more IB Learner Profile included in lessons World Language
* Language B as core class
* French & Spanish
* 5 year progression in same language
* High school credit at WRMS Timeline

* April 1, 2013 - Application for Authorization due

* Fall 2013 - Verification Visit

* January 2014 - Official Authorization Why the emphasis on 21st Century
teaching and learning? "Assessment is authentic when we directly examine
student performance on worthy intellectual tasks." IB Learners strive to be:

* inquirers * risk-takers
* open-minded * caring
* knowledgeable * balanced
* thinkers * principled
* communicators * reflective Strategic Plan Goals

#1: Each student demonstrates BCSD 21st Century Student Performance Indicators
to ensure preparedness for college, career, and citizenship.

#2: Every student receives a rigorous curriculum that prepares them for college
and is supported by challenging, inspiring, and relevant instruction.

#3: Our students are prepared for a multicultural and multilingual world.

#4: We work as a community to develop and support the whole child. Language Learning Supports Academic Achievement

There is a correlation between language learning and…
• Higher academic achievement on standardized tests
• Increased linguistic awareness
• Students’ ability to hypothesize in science
• Higher scores on SAT and ACT tests Language Learning Provides Cognitive Benefits to Students

There is a correlation between bilingualism and…
• Intelligence
• Metalinguistic skills
• Memory skills
• Problem-solving ability
• Improved verbal and spatial abilities
• Offset of age-related cognitive losses Language Learning Affects Attitudes and Beliefs about Languages and Cultures

• Research suggests that language learners develop a more positive attitude toward the target language and/or the speakers of that language. Benefits of Language Learning Options for DI Students

Choice in Language Study:
• Continue Spanish at a level that meets their needs and proficiencies
• Choose to begin studying French

Choice in Social Studies (Humanities in MYP):
• Continue studying humanities in Spanish
• Choose to study humanities in English

*DI students will have these same options each semester at the high school level, as well.

*For students that continue the study of Spanish and/or humanities in Spanish, the level of Spanish they reach, as well as the content courses taken in Spanish can be annotated on their transcripts. Goals for our Dual Immersion Program

* High levels of proficiency in their first language.
* High levels of proficiency in the second language.
* High academic expectations at each grade level in both languages.
* Positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors. ¡muchas gracias Thank you!
¡Muchas Gracias!
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