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Mother Gonzaga Barry

No description

Emily Binet

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Mother Gonzaga Barry

Mother Gonzaga Barry
Emily Binet
Mother Gonzaga Barry was born on 24th July 1834
She attended school at the Loreto Abbeys in Gorey, from 1848 until 1851 and then she attended Rathfarnham from 1851 until 1853. She entered the institute of the IBVM at Gorey in 1853. In response to an appeal by Bishop James Moore of Ballarat for the Loreto Sisters for the Australian Mission, Mother Gonzaga Barry went to Ballarat in 1875. In 1884 Mother Gonzaga Barry founded the Catholic Training College for teachers. She founded 10 boarding schools, 10 day schools, 6 primary schools, 3 kindergartens and 2 teacher training colleges.
She passed away on the 5th March 1915.
Mother Gonzaga Barry's Early Life
When Mother Gonzaga Barry was 19 she felt her first calling from God to do something for the world and for others, she responded to this by joining the IBVM at Gorey. There she took the name of a young Jesuit Saint, Aloysius Gonzaga.
Her first calling and her response from God
When she was 19 she left her home and joined the IBVM. For the next 20 years she held many leadership positions. She brought the IBVM to many places including Ballarat, NSW, Randwick, South Hornsby, and finally Normanhurst. In her 40 years in the Australian colonies she founded ten girls’ boarding schools, ten day schools, six primary schools, three kindergartens and two teacher training colleges.
Doing Gods work
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Her relationship with God and how she showed this to the World
God had called Mother Gonzaga to be an educator of women and to follow Mary Ward's lead. Gonzaga accepted God's challenge gracefully and she continued asking God for help and instructions.
Her significance to Catholics today
She founded many Loreto convents, this has benefited many girls and women all over Australia because Gonzaga Barry founded and built many Loreto schools all over the country. Because of all these schools we can have an education and without her we wouldn’t have this school and many other Loreto schools in Australia.
Building the Kingdom of God
The IBVM sisters are drawn to companionship in of the gospel; they were inspired by Mary Ward and try to support growth into freedom through education and many other works. She helped bring more sisters together to make the IBVM. These institutes are found all over the world and were divided into 3 sections, the Roman Branch, the Irish Branch and the North American branch, but nowadays there are only two sections because the North American branch voted to join with the Irish Branch.
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