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Because of Winn Dixie

Reading and Language Arts

Zoey Peck

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Because of Winn Dixie

Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo Plot Exposition:
Opal and her dad move to Naomi, Florida. Opal soon adopts a stray dog and names him Winn Dixie. Even though she has found a new friend, she is still sad because she misses her old friends and her mother that left when she was still a little girl. Rising Action:
Winn Dixie helps Opal meet new friends such as Otis (the pet store keeper), Miss Franny (the old librarian), and Gloria Dump (supposed town witch). She likes to share stories with her new friends but she still misses her mother and wishes she was there so that she could share stories with her too. Climax:
Opal and Gloria plan a party and invite everyone. Everything is going great until it starts thunder storming. Everybody heads inside. During this chaos, Opal loses track of Winn Dixie. Opal and her father go outside to look for Winn Dixie. When they turn up with nothing, the preacher wants to give up. Opal has a big meltdown and tells her father that he gave up when her mom left too. They both realize that Opal's mother is never coming back. Analyze Falling Action:
Opal and her dad go back to the party to check and see if Winn Dixie was there. It turns out that he was hiding under Gloria Dump's bed the whole time. Resolution:
Opal goes back to Gloria Dump's mistake tree and starts to talk to her mom. She tells her that she will always miss her but she will not be thinking about her as much now because she knows that she has other people that love her. Her life is now full of her best friends, including her dad who has now opened up to her. Opal then realizes that the best things in her life are now right in front of her. The Mistake Tree This tree represents that only the present matters. This tree also says that you shouldn't judge people on what they have done in the past but judge them on the things that they do now. The "Wait and See" Tree The seed starts out not knowing what it is going to grow into. Opal comes back the next next day and it still looks the same. This indicates that it will take some time for Opal to mature. At her and Gloria's party, the tree has grown. It now has leaves and branches. This shows that Opal has changed in a good way. Littmus Lozenges These candies indicate the ups and downs of life. They are designed so that you can taste sorrowfulness and then they change flavor to sweetness. Setting The main setting in this book is Naomi, Florida. This affects the story because most of the time, Opal and her father are outside. They are outside because the weather is so nice in Florida. The setting also indicates that people are more important than things. Examples of this:
Opal and father live in a trailer park
Before the church was rebuilt, it was a grocery store.
The small-time pet store is a tiny corner shop. Living in a trailer forces Opal to interact with her dad and also to go outside and meet new people.
The small-time pet store makes it possible for Otis to come out of his shell.
The small library is a perfect cozy place to sit and tell stories.
The church atmosphere makes it possible for Winn Dixie to fit in because the people aren't focused on being proper. Gloria Dump's Yard Opal finds it very understanding here because she likes to listen to Gloria Dump's stories. Gloria's mistake tree rattles in the back and teaches Opal many life lessons. Opal also planted her "wait and see" tree there. Many important thing happen here during the story. Symbols Point of Veiw This story is written in first person point of view. I know this because Opal is telling the story (using words such as I, me, you, ect.). She is telling the story as a flash back. I know this because she uses the term "last summer..." Tone The tone of this story is positive because Opal mostly tries to find the positives in everything and always tries to make things better than they seem. Writing Style The writing style of the story is child-like because Opal is writing from first person point of view. It is going to be childlike because Opal, an 11 year old girl, is writing a story about last summer. This story also includes sentences that ramble on and on and it also has very child-like frases.
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