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Malcolm Knowles

No description

Alexander Griffith

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Malcolm Knowles

Dr. Malcolm S. Knowles Advocacy for the Adult Learner Andragogy Descriptive Traits of Adult Learners Self-Concept Maturing from a dependent personality to a self-directed being Experience A growing reservoir of experience becomes an increasing resource for learning Readiness Enthusiasm for developmental tasks is derived from one's perceived social roles Orientation Perspective shifts from delayed application of knowledge to immediacy of application (problem-solving) Motivation The primary incentive to learn is innately human The Art and Science of Educating Maturing Humans Harvard University, B.A 1934 Phillips Brooks House (social service agency), President
Harvard Liberal Club, President
New England Model League of Nations, General Secretary National Youth Administration, Mass. 1935 Deputy State Administrator Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), 1940's Director of Adult Education Mentored by Eduard Lindeman whose book, Meaning of Education (1926), Knowles would refer to as "the chief source of inspiration and ideas for a quarter of a century." formed and developed curriculum for "non-formal association schools" Adult Education Association of the USA, 1951-1959 Founding Executive Director Now known as the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education The Malcolm Knowles Award for Outstanding Adult Education Programs is conferred annually Seminal Publications Published Informal Adult Education (1950), an influential educator's guide The Modern Practice of Adult Education: Andragogy vs. Pedagogy (1950) The Adult Learner: A Neglected Species (1973) Self-Directed Learning: A Guide For Learners and Teachers (1975) Andragogy in Action: Applying Modern Principles of Adult Education (1984) The Making of an Adult Educator: An Autobiographical Journey (1989) Applying the Principles in the Design of Modern Organizational Training Knowles recognized that technology would play a key role in advancing the needs of adult learners The onslaught of technology will present students with new obstacles A shift was seen that took pc training from the realm of "user-friendliness" to "learner-centeredness" Esoteric jargon and poorly-written manuals violated concepts of adult learning Knowles would certainly be proud to see the advances of technology in the classroom
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