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Huawei interview

No description

benoit lotfallah

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Huawei interview

Benoît... in two years Name: Benoit Magdy Fouad

Date of birth: 23/09/1989

Home address:
160 Ahmed Shawky Str.,
Roushdy, Alexandria

Phone Number:
01 22 23 24 741 Benoit : it is a french name which means the blessed 1994 2012 Education: 2007 Collège Saint Marc, Alexandria. Obtained Secondary certificate
result: 99.78%
and the St Marc's award of excellence
(3rd ranking in the promotion) 2007 2009 Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA),France.
Attended the first semester of the third year Mechatronics Dept. Obtained the BSc of electrical engineering, Electronics and Communication department.
Grade: Very Good
Project Grade: Excellent Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University Arabic... Mother tongue English... Fluent, written and spoken French... Fluent
Obtained the DELF Certificates A5 & A6 Spoken languages German... fair Trainee at
Orascom trading Trainee at Demline Egypt Floor responsible, Golden Spot, NJ,USA Work Experience Current job Sales and planning engineer
Responsible of water and waste water sector Main duties: selection of the instruments
needed for the required application cooperation with the other E+H regional branches negotiations with the customers ! Why do I want to leave my job? Why did I choose Huawei? In two years hopefully... Huawei will possess a CCIE certified team leader called Benoit Magdy MPLS-VPN Multi Protocol Label Switching-Virtual Private Network How does the MPLS Work FIB & LFIB Route distinguisher
Route target Helpful Harmful Internal External Benoit's SWOT analysis Creative
like to solve problems
like working in teams
Fast learner easily bored with routine work new challenges
acquire very nice experience
deal with french speakers not CCNA certified yet (intend to have the exam as soon as possible) Encryption The MPLS VPN architecture makes it pretty impossible to hack into the MPLS circuits and expose the internal network(s) and routes.

Encryption of the MPLS VPN is performed using IPSec, which essentially is a suite of protocols designed to provide a secure IP based pathway between two or more endpoints. IPsec IPsec provides two choices of security service: Authentication Header (AH), which essentially allows authentication of the sender of data, and Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP), which supports both authentication of the sender and encryption of data as well. THANK YOU MPLS VPN combines the power of MPLS and the BGP routing protocol. MPLS is used to forward packets over the provider’s network backbone, and BGP is used for distributing routes over the backbone.
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