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Creating Youth Work in the 21st Century

This is a Prezi created by delegates at the National Conference for Youth & Community Work Students 2012

Jane Melvin

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Creating Youth Work in the 21st Century

Creating Youth Work
in the 21st Century

Ruskin & Brighton now working together!
At the start of the Day.....
Talking about 21st century youth work...
The morning's discussion...
Where to from here...?

This is the future of youth work sitting here. We are the future of youth work.

For future events:small group conversations prior to online meeting?

Try it again - training for TAG staff!

More frequent meetings? Involve young people as well?

Ruskin have seminars on Weds afternoons in Oxford - offer to any group of students to join in.
Set up a forum - Facebook page? Students to set this up?

Use forum to spread awareness.
Set up more networking opportunities.
Share projects and work contexts.
Ideas - share what's successful.
National Conference
Youth & Community Work
The 21st Century.....
- What are the priorities for young people?
- What are the needs of young people?

Get better connected, using social media, texting, etc.

Engage in ( and create) virtual as well as real world learning environments
(need to think through creation of safe/ethical learning spaces in both).

Consider the limitations of each environment (virtual and real have pros and cons).

When is communication genuine or authentic....yikes that’s hard!..but the capacity
for authenticity can be masked or lost if people are not in the room together..so
our question is...how different is virtual trust from face to face trust?

In our digital world we need to :

General consensus - youth work won’t necessarily be much different but that the tools we use to work with young people may develop and change

Youth work is about relationships and conversations, both online and off.

Digital natives versus digital literacy - just because the net generation knows HOW to use social media etc, that doesn’t mean they’re aware of all of the subtlties surrounding it - how do we move YP from actors to creators?

Several people tweeted for the first time!!!! (loving ‘visible tweets’)
Perseverance: to help young people achieve and with social networking

Don't forget basic principles

Keep an influence to help young people express themselves and exercise their right

Have a mixture of tools: counselling and cultural practice!

Not just there to listen: we’re there to offer new opportunities.

Sometimes we’re required to work within a multi-disciplinary approach and other jobs like social workers need to understand what we are all about.

Using social media and internet : we should create our own network and not be isolated, Be part of something bigger,

Our Questions
• Why does the media publicise youth work in a negative way
• What does the future hold for youth work professionals? / Is there a future?
• Will informal educators embrace technology and do you agree that we should do this?
• How do we raise the profile of youth work?
• Why in youth work do we mainly work with mainstream groups?
• Why are we not working to build bridges between subcultures?

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