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A brief overview on Revision International's community development program

Chris Sparks

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of RE:Build

Improving the quality, safety, and sustainability of the homes in Westwood. Re:Build Poor housing conditions are present throughout Westood Many families are unaware of the conditions they are living in. Poor housing conditions such as damp, mold, and excess cold can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular and respiratory disease as well as to anxiety and depression. Structural defects such as broken windows and handrails which increase the risk of an accident also present hazards to health. Things such as lack of insulation, non-efficient appliances, drafty doors and old outdated lighting also causes an unnecessary financial burden on the homes occupants. Our goal is to address these issues and make homes: Safer Healthier More comfortable More affordable We currently have funding from the Denver Energy Challenge to provide free:
Home energy audits and safety inspections
Energy advising services
Energy saving kits
Energy efficiency education and community groups ReBuild looking ahead Energy Saving Kit Contents Second Visit: Energy Action Plan Energy Saving Kits Home Visits: Initial Visit
Communicating the Program Third Visit:
Follow up with Energy Kit Installs
Answer Questions
Communicate Next Steps To Home Owner Is Energy Efficiency even a concern? Community Focus Groups
What other issues is the community facing?
We want to hear from you What is your role as a Promotora? During Garden Visits and in the community Talk about the program
Get community feedback
Record accurate feedback
Get program sign ups
Schedule Inspections During Home Inspections Collect all necessary forms
Communicate why we are there
Communicate what will happen next
Answer any questions or concerns Questions?
What do you need from me? We want to ask the community Wednesday September 19th 5:00-6:30
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