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Jeffrey's Book Report of the Wednesday Wars

No description

Jeffrey Zhou

on 29 March 2012

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Transcript of Jeffrey's Book Report of the Wednesday Wars

The Wednesday Wars The Perfect House Settings Gary D Schmidt Jeffrey Zhou
Period 2 This house is Holling's
place of rest, where he
lives and is able to solve
problems. New York City Camillo Junior is located in
New York City, which is where
Holling goes to school to learn
and read Shakespeare. The Perfect
House is also located in New York. The Race Track The race track is where Holling
runs in a big race that he has
been training for. It is where he
wins the $100 savings bond, which
helps gets his sister home after
she runs away. Characters Holling Hoodhood is the main
character of the story. He starts
off as a sarcastic and passive
fellow who changes into a mature guy. Mrs. Baker is Holling's caring teacher,
who helps him find himself, by guiding
and helping him through hard situations. Heather Hoodhood is Holling's sister.
She gives Holling someone to love, and
develops a deep bond with him after
he helps her get back home after she runs away. The Conflict
The main conflict of the story is Holling's struggle to grow up, which is a man vs. self conflict. He tries to view the world from other perspectives, such as his sister's and his dad's. In the end, with the help of his friends and family, he ultimately finds himself, a whole new person. Rising Action #1 The first rising action of the story is
when Mrs. Baker makes Holling read Shakespeare with her afterschool.
Holling learns a lot from these
teachings. He uses them as a
guideline for life, such as the fact
that love overpowers hate. Rising Action #2 The second rising action is when Holling prays at a Catholic church, even though he is not Catholic. He prays for a lot of things, such as his sister, the soldiers who are fighting the Vietnam War, and his best friends. Rising Action #3 The third rising action is Mrs. Baker helps Holling on the way he runs, so that he can win the race. This is important because Holling realizes people are sometimes more than what is on the outside. He also realizes that Mrs. Baker does not hate his guts, but actually cares for him. The Climax The climax of the story is when Holling comes home from praying at the church, and realizes that the house feels really lonely. The biggest part is because his sister ran away, and that he really loves her. Because he matures so much, he is not the selfish little brother he used to be, so he uses the $100 savings bond to get her back home. Falling Action One of the falling actions in the story was when Mrs. Baker's class goes camping. There, Holling has a good time, and forgets about all the troubles and worries at home. As he sees the sun come up, he is reminded how fragile life is, and that life is beautiful so that everyone must cherish it. This is just another sign of how he matures. Resolution The resolution of the story is when Holling grows up, and matures. He is no longer the shy and passive person he was at the beginning of the school year. Holling matures and is able to view the world around him from different perspectives, not just his own. Holling turns into an adult. The End
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