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No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Misery

By Cameron Huber

Main Characters
The main characters in my book are Paul Sheldon and Annie Wilkes.
Final thoughts
Paul is trapped inside Annie Wilkes's house with both his legs broken. He is being forced to complete any task Annie gives him. Paul has to try to escape when Annie's not around, but the question is, Will he?
The setting of my story is in Paul's room...in Annie Wilkes house. His room is not very welcoming. All he has in his room is a bed and his broken typewriter.
I think Misery has been an interesting book so far. It has been quite gruesome at some parts...But my final thoughts are that it is a outstanding book!
Paul is a famous writer known for his Misery series. Paul has many different feelings. Sometimes Paul is very brave, but sometimes he is very afraid.
Annie Wilkes is insane. She has killed many different people and is about to kill another,,,maybe. She is also very observant so she notices when Paul has been out of his room.
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