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How to make a screen capture video tutorial

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Edward The Magic Monk

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of How to make a screen capture video tutorial

Make sure you have the equipment
- Microphone (quality matters)
- Webcam (if you want your face shown)
(Can buy webcams with built in microphone)
- Tablet (if you are writing on screen)
Get the software
Screen capture software
Desktop webcam software
Drawing software
Adobe premiere pro if you want to do video editing

Record the video
Display your webcam on your desktop
Record the screen for a few seconds, then stop recording and check if the output file works.
If it does, then record a longer video.
If required, import videos into Premiere Pro to edit
Upload video onto Youtube
Create a Youtube / Google account
Upload onto Youtube
How to make a screen capture video tutorial
Blue Yeti
Blue Snowball (what I currently use - need audio boost)
Other Blue Microphones
Logitech H130 headset
Other Logitech headsets
Logitech C210 (What I'm using)
Logitech C270
Other Logitech Webcams
Wacom Bamboo Tablet (What I use)
Wacom Intuos Tablet
Screen capture software
Bandicam (What I use)

Webcam software
Camdesk (what I'm using)
Logitech webcam software
Drawing software
Video editing software
Adobe Premiere Pro (What I use)
Sony Vegas
Windows Movie Maker
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