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No description

Carissa Eliza

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of CASH MOUNTAIN

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? CASH MOUNTAIN MAGNETIC WALL WARP SPEED A team of four contestants has 10 minutes to tackle an extreme obstacle course. At the start of each challenge, the team decides how much time they'll need to complete it. The less time they use for the challenges, the more time they'll have to face Cash Mountain. THE FIRST CHALLENGE Contestants must scale a giant wall. BUT Science Bob has magnetized the wall, meaning contestants must fight against magnetic forces to get to the top. MOTION MAZE THE SECOND CHALLENGE Contestants must find their way through a simple maze. BUT Science Bob has placed treadmill tracks throughout the maze, throwing contestants off so they must fight the power of inertia to make it through. BUBBLICANE BOB THE THIRD CHALLENGE Contestants will be placed in a giant bubble and must make their way across a large pool of water. BUT Science Bob won't let it be that easy. He has created an indoor weather experiment, and contestants must battle through a man-made hurricane to get across the waters! THE FOURTH CHALLENGE Contestants must kick 15 soccer balls into a net. BUT Science Bob has created special goggles that will warp contestants' vision to alter their perception of space and dimension. THE FINAL CHALLENGE At the end of the obstacle course, contestants face Cash Mountain. Stretched out between the contestants and Cash Mountain is a scientifically created desert of quicksand made out of cornstarch and water. Will the contestants make it without sinking? Hurry! We only have 30 seconds left! But trying to stop them is SCIENCE BOB - the scientist who tries to protect Cash Mountain and prevent contestants from getting there by scientifically altering each challenge. The team stands in a circle, and they have the remaining time to run back and forth to Cash Mountain and grab as much money as they can. BUT Science Bob has one last
challenge for the contestants.
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