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Schenck v. US Case Brief

No description

Matt Venable

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Schenck v. US Case Brief

Violation of First Amendment
Obstruction of the draft
Intent to weaken military defenses
Create clear and present danger
Espionage Act
Limitations to the First Amendment
Time of war and crisis
Peacetime flyers are different than war time
Espionage Act is not in violation of 1st Amend.
Created "clear and present danger"
Obstruction of the military draft by letter
Protected by Free Speech Clause?
Suspension of the Constitution in the time of war
Secretary at Socialist headquarters
Intent to weaken the armed forces
Sent letters to soldiers to refuse service in the federal military draft
Conspiracy? Did the court have enough evidence to reach a verdict?
Freedom of speech and press
Use of postal services
Is conspiracy specifically stated in the Constitution?
Conspiracy in the time of war and crisis
United States
Schenck found guilty on all charges: 9 votes US- 0
Sent to federal prison for 6 months
"balancing test" (freedom of speech cases)
Schenck v. US Case Brief
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