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How important is the parent/child relationship in forming pe

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Autumn Javorowsky

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of How important is the parent/child relationship in forming pe

How important is the parent/child relationship in forming personality?
The assumption that since beowulf was a courageous hero his father was also. Making that connection is probably a accurate one because Herathogar trusted his father so he'll trust him. Since his father was such a good man, Beowulf felt obligated to fill his fathers shoes causing his personality to become the brave person he his.
Door in the wall
The mother died and the father was busy with work. Making the boy use his young imagination for comfort.
He had no parent in the story so he looked for comfort in the ocean. His personality was formed through the sea and his thoughts.
It didn't go into depth about his parent relationship. The assumption that his parents weren't around as much as he needed them to be. Causing him to become crazy and look for other forms of release of angry.
I have had no experience with divorce, or parent conflict in my life but if i did my personality would probably be different in a sense of rougher and feeling like i had to take care of myself more than i already do now.
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