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Coins and their value (math)

This will show students how to count money and to teach the students how to remember what each coin value is.

Caleb Smith

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Coins and their value (math)

Coins and their values (math) Learn the value of:
Half dollars
Penny Lesson Will cover History of Money

There are five major coins that make up our
currency. Coins have been used as currency
in our country for many, many years. Now
lets get to the main point and SHOW ME
THE MONEY. Here is a sample of coins that you might have
in your own home.

Where else could you find coins? Value of the half dollar

The half dollar is worth fifty cents.
Not to many people carry half dollars
one them anymore, but they are nice to
have around the house.

Value of the quarter

The quater is worth twenty-five cents (.25). Did
you know that four quarters make a dollar?

How many quarters would it take to make $3.00 dollars Value of the dime

The dime is worth ten cents (.10). If we
were to make change for a dollar we would
need ten dimes.

How many dimes would we need to brake $3.00 dollars? Value of the nickle

The nickle is worth five cents (.05) and there is a very
rare nickle out there with a buffalo on it. If you find that make sure you hang on to it. Value of the penny

Our last coin value is the penny.
The penny is worth only one cent (.01),
and has one of famous president's Abe Lincoln. Now lets try some problems

2 dimes (.10) + 1 (.01) penny

What is the answer

a)11 cents
b)15 cents
c)16 cents Last questions

How many nickles (.05) are in a one dollar bill?

a) 20
b) 40
c) 60
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