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story of pizza by luigi rubinacci

No description

luigi rubinacci

on 20 June 2018

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Transcript of story of pizza by luigi rubinacci

The Story of Pizza
How It All Started
600 B.C
Ancient Greeks Invent...
Usually Topped
But, any topping available could have been used...
Peasants of Naples Use...
Tomato Sauce On
Believe it or not, when tomatoes were brought to Europe...they were thought to be poisonous!
As pizza gained popularity, street vendors emerged. Eventually, whole shops were built dedicated to selling only pizza.
Luigi Rubinacci Prepares the First...
Made From
-Tomatoe Sauce
-Fresh Basil
-Mozzarella Cheese
Made For
Queen Margherita, hence the pizza's name
These three events sparked the beginning of pizza...
How and Why it spread
Pizza spread globally in three ways
Italian Immigrants
World War Two
American Influence
Pizza Included
Italians immigrated practically everywhere
Well, not exactly...
Pizza was still relatively unknown
During WWII, soldiers from Europe and America were stationed in Italy
And soldiers have to eat right?
Many of the soldiers tasted pizza for the first time
When returning home, these soldiers would bring their love for pizza with them
Many greeks consider plakous to be
the precursor to pizza ..... however
Antica Pizzeria
Widely considered to be the world's first pizzeria
Historians credit this event for beginning the spread of pizza throughout Italy
by Luigi Rubinacci
the basis of pizza is not an uncommon idea
There are many different pizza-like flatbreads out there
Like Focaccia
(Also Italian made)
Or Paratha
(Originates from India)
Pizza became popular worldwide
You can buy it practically everywhere
Pizza is a perfect symbol of hybridization
and it can bring people together ..
Margherita (Italian)
Pepperoni (American)
The Appeal of Pizza
There's a reason pizza has spread around the world
It has variety
Pizza is a food of many forms
Different toppings
Healthy or Unhealthy
Bite size or Massive
Pizza is even used as inspiration for other foods
But let's face it...
We wouldn't eat pizza if it didn't...
Taste so Good!
We would be lying if we said that American Influence didn't have an impact
How else would pizza have spread?
in America
Is popular everywhere else
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