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Nattys cool senior project prezi


Natalee Astel

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Nattys cool senior project prezi

How Art and Color Influences YOU! MY PROJECT! Does Art and Color Affect You? YES! Art and color affects your
and Personality How does art and color affect your mood and behavior? Scientists say... Colors affect our mood and behavior because we are constantly surrounded by and creating memories with them. Each Color Comes With its Own Mood Which Affects Our Behavior RED BLUE GREEN ORANGE PERSONALITY COLORS Blue
Green You Have Two Main Personality Colors Why Is Knowing Your Personality Color So Important...? Knowing your personality color is so important because it helps you better understand how to interact with people around you! What TWO Colors Are You? How Art Affects The Brain Brain Scans Revealed the Power of Art Art Therapy Art is a powerful way to communicate and has been for thousands of years, it has influenced people, inspiring the imagination, and telling stories. Art has also been a big part in Recording history and stirring emotions. BLUE ORANGE GOLD GREEN
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