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Golden Gate Bridge

The wonders of the modern world

Kathy Sides

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Golden Gate Bridge

Golden gate bridge The Golden Gate Bridge opened
on May 27, 1937. It connects San
Francisco Penninsula with Marin
County. The city Engineer James
Wilkins said that when it was built
it cost $35 Million dollars.
There is 80,000 miles of wire in the main cables and the bridge has 1.2 Million Rivets. Suicides are the most common on this bridge and the most common in the whole world. Experts say that the bridge is 245 feet above the water and if you fall off you will hit the water at 76 miles per hour and it will be like hitting a concrete wall. "There's a Silver Moon on the
Golden Gate is the official song
commerating the opening of the
Golden Gate Bridge in 1937. Strauss Wrote a Poem that
is now on the Golden Gate Bridge entitled "The Mighty
Task is done".The speed limit
on the bridge is 45 miles per hour. Since it's completion,
the Golden Gate Bridge
has been closed three
times due to wind. On December 1951, because of 69 mph wind gusts. On December 1982, due to 70 mph wind gusts, and on December 1983 due to
75 mph wind gusts.
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