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Vermont(State Report)

No description

Stacy Soewono

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Vermont(State Report)

By Stacy Soewono
Vermont is located in the New England Colonies.
Quebec(Canada), New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York are the borders of Vermont.
Vermont is the only state in the New England Colonies that does not border the Atlantic Ocean.
The longest river in Vermont is Otter Creek(actually more of a 90-mile stream), runs through the Mountain Region.
Bomoseen is the longest lake within the state (at only 8 square miles, and lies in the Mountain Region, near Castleton.
Sterling Pond is the highest; large body of water, near Stave at an elevation of 4,393 feet above sea level at Mont Mansfield. Also the lowest point would be 95 feet above sea level, at Lake Champlain, in Franklin County.
Vermont's hottest recorded temperture was 105 degrees Fahrenheit, at Vernon, on July 4, 1911.
The coldest recorded temperature in Vermont was -50 degrees Fahrenheit, at Bloomfield, on December 30, 1933.
Vermont's average annual precipitation is 39 inches.
Economy & Education
The main agricultural products in the state of Vermont are dairy products, beef cattle, nursery products, hay, and maple products.
Some of the large companies in Vermont are AllEarth Renewables, Against the Grain Gourmet, and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.
The three major universities in Vermont are University of Vermont, in Burlington, Vermont, Middlebury College, in Middlebury, Vermont, and Saint Michael's College, in Colchester, Vermont.
Visitor's Guide
Fast Facts
Today I am going to tell you about the state, Vermont. I chose the state from a basket that Ms. Lipinski filled up with names of states. We did it that way because we wanted to be fair. I wanted Hawaii or New York, but I got Vermont, and I learned many things about Vermont. Did you know that the Green Mountains are in Vermont? Did you also know that the state's nickname is "Green Mountain State?" I am going to tell you about the history, geography, and many other things about the state Vermont.
As you can see I have learned many things about the state, Vermont. I hope you learned many things too. Do you know any facts about a state besides Vermont? If you do why don't you tell me, and I will be delighted to listen or read about the state you know.
Vermont has more cows than people.
Vermont has the only state capital without a McDonald's.
The first postage stamp in America was printed in 1846, in Brattleboro, Vermont.
In 1816, Vermont went without a summer. On the evening of June fifth, the temperature dropped to fifty degrees Fahrenheit. Wet snow fell the next day all over the state. On June seventh, there was a blizzard that dropped twelve inches of snow in northern Vermont. Freezing conditions continued from June tenth until September.
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This year the Governor of Vermont is Peter Shumlin (democrat.)
Patrick Leahy (democrat) and Bernie Sanders (independent) are the state's senators.
There is one representative for the state, Vermont.
Vermont's greatest may well have been Thomas Chittenden, who served for nineteen years (1778-1797.)
One of Vermont's most popular statesman of the last fifty years was George Aiken. He was governor for two terms from 1937 until 1941; Aiken later served in the U.S. Senate.
The state capital, Montpelier, is located in Washington County, Vermont.
Vermont has become one of the most popular ski areas in the Northeast.
In spring, Vermont is a muddy area. Spring is when cars get stuck and winter's trash still hasn't been cleaned up. Even so, a Vermont spring is time to enjoy some of the state's most time-honored traditions.
Summer in Vermont is filled with many wonderful tings to do. Virtually anything that can be enjoyed outdoors can be done there.
Autumn(fall) is the season for which Vermont is famous for. It is nearly impossible to pick a list of highlights.
There are also museums and parks, such as, Bread & Puppet Theater Museum, Shelbrune Museum, Billings Farm & Museum, Old Constiution House, and many more places.
Meet The Author
Table of Contents
Meet the Author
Economy & Education
Visitor’s Guide
State Map
Works Cited
Map of Vermont
Fast Facts
Mrs. Lipinski
5th Grade

Stacy Soewono is eleven years old. She was born on December 11, 2001, in Anaheim, California. Stacy is a piano composer; she has been playing piano since the age three and a half. Stacy Soewono has composed three pieces.
Her first composition was called “Beautiful Spring.” “Beautiful Spring” has won first place in MTAC (Music Teachers Association of California,) which is a state contest. She got to perform “Beautiful Spring” in Oakland, California. The second composition was a called “The Bumpy Rollercoaster.” “The Bumpy Rollercoaster” has won first place in MTAC also, and Honorable Mention in JOC National (Junior Original Concert.) Stacy got to perform “The Bumpy Rollercoaster” at San Diego, California. “A Stroll in the City” was her third composition, and has won Outstanding (kind of like second place) in JOC National. Now she is studying for CM (Certificate of Merit) and Carnegie Hall level seven.
Stacy Soewono’s favorite subject is math. She has an older brother named Nicholas. Stacy’s brother is eighteen years old and is in college. Kasan Soewono is her dad and he is a chef at Hoag Hospital Irvine. Silvya Soewono is her mom and she is the one that encouraged her to play piano. Stacy says that her family, friends, and teachers are very good in supporting her in piano.
So now you know some things about Stacy Soewono.
Vermont became the fourteenth state on March 4, 1791
The founder of Vermont was Samuel de Champlain.
Paleo- Indians were the first people to settle in the region, which is now Vermont.
Vermont's capital is Montpelier.
The state nickname is "Green Mountain State."
The state flower is a red clover.
The state tree is a sugar maple.
A hermit thrush is the state bird.
A morgan horse is the state animal.
The state motto of Vermont is "Freedom and Unity."
Vermont is known for its maple sugar, the sweet candy that is made from the sap of a maple tree.
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