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The Dream Room Project

The Dream Room Project (La Sala De Los Sueños Inc) is a Winnipeg-based, not-for-profit charitable organization helping children and families heal from traumatic experiences through art by transforming rooms into hope-filled spaces

luna galdames

on 2 July 2015

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Transcript of The Dream Room Project

If they can dream it we can paint it
The Dream Room Project
The Dream Room Project
was started in 2009 and has been blessed to create unforgettable memories and indescribable joy
We transform bedrooms into the rooms of dreams

We paint murals on the rooms of kids who are sick,
marginalized or come from broken homes.
The Dream Room Project is a Charity that relies on donations in order to keep its doors open.

Your donation will make a difference.

Charity No:808130405RR0001

Find out more
Joy comes to dreamers in many forms
A dream dramatically impacts a child’s attitude. Often, it strengthens a child’s determination to undergo difficult treatment.
Dreams give the children and their families memories to carry them through the rough times and smiles to last a lifetime
Dreams bring hope and the promise of tomorrow.
Welcome to The Dream Room Project, a charitable organization unlike any other of its kind in Canada
Each child's dream is extraordinarily special
To date The Dream Room Project has completed over 40 dream rooms
We have also created Dream Rooms for numerous organizations focused on serving children and youth
Ndinawe Youth Resource Centre
Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre Inc
Manitoba Housing
Peaceful Village
Manitoba Youth Centre
Macdonald Youth Services
Four Fires Lodge
Youth Resource Centre / Shelter
Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary (AFCC)
Genesis House Shelter for Women and Children
Metis Child, Family and Community Services

We want to help any young person experiencing something that has turned their world upside-down is eligible – whether it's abuse, a life threatening illness, a chronic diagnosis, loss of a loved one or divorce.

The Rooms
Wanda Luna founded The Dream Room Project in 2009 (La Sala De Los Sueños Inc). While her art career was just beginning to take off, she wanted to make a meaningful impact to lessen the burden of children in her hometown.
The formative experience of her life were filled with uncertainly in Chile, her birth place during the Pinochet era then followed with difficult family dynamics in Canada. Those difficult childhood years when she could have easily perished or suffered lasting psychological damage left a lasting mark on her, and led to an idea of turning a disaster of unthinkable proportions into an exhilarating adventure.
In 2014 Wanda was nominated for the YMCA Woman Of Distinction Awards ( Arts Category) & the RBC Making a Difference Award

"I always say that I have purpose in my life now because of those little souls that have shared their courage," "It always makes you believe you are stronger than you think you are." Wanda Luna
The artist
Most of the Dream Rooms have a strong art component and Wanda is currently the sole artist. It is our hope that with more funding and donor dollars we can employ more artists. More artists translates to more dream rooms. Our dream is to be able to do 10 times more rooms, so every child who is struggling has a safe space to dream of brighter days.
We feel so privileged to be let into people's homes during what can often be one of the toughest times for a family

The concept is simple, and effective.
Sometimes, we are able to help with bedroom furniture.
The kids work with the artists to create the room of their dreams.
Often, bedrooms are the last safe place many children know. And The Dream Room Project
strives to make these truly special places where children can heal from the traumas of their lives.
It's a little time and effort that makes a big difference in the lives of local children. It's a great feeling to know you're a part of something so transformational.


No one dream is a-like, but all generate the same outcome – hope and unforgettable memories
Every child deserves to dream
Please donate
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