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America in the XVI Century

Unit Review

Rene Cardona

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of America in the XVI Century

America in the XVI Century Brazil The Portuguese bring slaves from Africa. Big sugar cane economy. 1700 they discovered great deposits of gold and diamonds. 1750 they wrote a treaty that recognized its borders. Solution to the depopulation of Brazil: Alaska The Russians settled here. This becomes one of Portugal's most important colonies. Russia sells Alaska to the USA for $7,000,000 Dlls. Sugar Mills were important to the economical growth of the country Spain Spaniards came to America in the XVII and XVIII
to practice different jobs and proffessions. First epidemics appeared due to war. The viceroyalties ended in the XVII C. Peter the Great sent Vitus Bering to explore Canada in the 1740's. It had between 20 and 30 million inhabitants by the end of the century. USA Napoleon sells Louisiana to the USA. Canada France sells New Orleans to the USA. Louisiana was the biggest colony France had in the Americas. Samuel de Champlain founded the first villages that would become two of Canada's greatest cities. America had 4 viceroyalties: New Spain, New Granada, La Plata, and Peru. Quebec and Montreal became 2 of Canada's greatest cities. Canada is left under the Dominion of England in 1763. 1756: War between France and England. West Indies First possessions in America:
Cuba, La Española, Puerto Rico and Jamaica Spain gave part of la Española to France. This became Haiti. They are located in the Caribbean Sea International Sea in the XVIII C.
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