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The Game of Sunken Places

No description

Michael Thomas

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of The Game of Sunken Places

The Game of Sunken Places
By M.T. Anderson
project by Michael Thomas
MT Anderson writes for a field of readers. He has written picture books, and also novels. He has won many awards withe his writings, and is a great writer
Literary Response
“Brian took it and jammed the crown… for the Thusser Hordes” pg. 241 this is ironic because the whole game, they thought they were against Jack Stimple, but the truth was they were against each other the whole time. It impacts the plot by the fact that the elves get to reclaim their land, and Brian won the game
YOUNG LADIES! YOUNG LADIES... He put it back. pg 71. This is a hint that later they will meet/fight something that tracks them by sent, or they will eventual need to smell like nothing to pass a challenge.
Better suspense
"We're in the final turn of the Game, so I'm allowed to kill now!
I'm finally allowed to kill! pg. 226.
This was said by Jack Stimple. It is suspenseful because it means he can kill Brian, and claim the victory, which he has wanted to do since the start of the game
This was shouted by Brian's dear Uncle Max. it is suspenseful because the Thusser hordes will want them dead, because if they win, the hordes loose their new land.
"There does seem to be a picture of a troll there." pg.
This foreshadows theme meeting the troll, Kalgrash, who asks them the first riddle, and who they end up becoming great friends with.
An example of this is when Jack Stimple tries to kill Brian. "And Gregory saw it slice through the back of Brian's head." pg. 227. If Jack had not tried to kill Brian, and had left them alone, the Thusser Hordes might of won, because Gregory had the crown at first, and would have put it on the statue, ending the game.
"Before them stood a figure...legs were rusted." pg. ix-x. This is a scary part, which becomes ironic in the fact that we did not know much about the game, and when we read that short pasage, we learn that this game is not fun, like it was thought out to be, but deadly. No matter how hard you try, you can not warn them, you just have to keep reading, and see when they find out.
One example of an internal conflict is when the boys tell their good friend Kalgrash, which is a troll, that he is really a machine made by an elf for the game. He begins to doubt himself, and becomes very sad. "We've just been up to the top... key to wind them up."
Both, "The Adventures of the Speckled Band", and "The Game of Sunken Places" have an old house in their setting, which the protagonists find many intriguing things there.
"Nothing was left save... old house" paragraph 24.
"After an hour or so... dimly seem house." pg. 17
Both Sherlock Holmes, and Brian Thatz are the well thought of the main characters. "Brian was stockier... pensive of the two" pg. 5 '"You must not fear"... "You know me, then?"'

I think, deep within me, that "The Adventures of the Speckled Band" is a better suspense piece than "The Game of Sunken Places". The Game, never made me jump, or have the Dreams that "The Speckled Band" did. I got dreams from: " "You see it, Watson?"...filled with horror and loathing." This part gave me vivid dreams. The scariest part in "The Game of Sunken Places", the scariest part, "Another shot through... Brain's head." gave me nothing but laughter.
One difference between the two pieces are the settings. "The Speckled Band" is based in England, and "The Game of Sunken Places" is based in Vermont. The setting almost always effects the plot, whether it is the stereotypes of that place, or how people speak, and these two are very different in the way of the setting.
Another difference is in the conflict. In "The Game of Sunken Places", the protagonists have to go through a grueling game, that determines who will get the land. In "The Speckled Band", Sherlock Homes must figure out how a young women was murdered, and catch the murderer, without getting killed himself.
your move
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