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Heather Holbrook

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Fulbright

by: Heather Ann Burns Fulbright Scholarships What is it? Grants for: Individually designed study/research projects
English Teaching Assistantships Eligibility -US Citizen
-B.A. degree or equivalent
-Creative & Performing Arts: four years of
professional training and/or experience
-Good health
-Proficiency in the language of the country you will be going too Ineligibility -Already held a Fulbright Student Grant
-Have a Doctorate
-Applicants seeking enrollment into a medical degree program
-Previously received a Department of Education-funded Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad (DDRA) grant.
-Employees of the U.S. Department of State/immediate families
-Anyone who has resided abroad for five or more consecutive years in the six-year period
-Employees under contract to the U.S. Department of State to perform administrative or screening services on behalf of the U.S. Department of State’s exchange program Ineligibility, Cont. If you currently reside in one of
these countries,
you cannot go there: Australia Israel Netherlands

Belgium Jordan New Zealand

Chile South Korea Philippines

China Laos Portugal

EU Member States
for EU Grants
Luxembourg Slovenia

Finland Macau Sweden

France Malaysia Switzerland

Hong Kong Mexico United Kingdom

Hungary Mongolia Vietnam

Indonesia Morocco -U.S. Student Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship recipients can apply for the Fulbright Study/Research Award after 2 years.

-U.S. Student Fulbright Grants recipients can receive the U.S. Department of Education's Fulbright-Hays DDRA after 1 year.

-May apply for Fulbright U.S. Student Grant and the Fulbright-Hays DDRA in the same year, but must choose one if awarded both Types of Grants -Academic
-English Teaching Assistantship
-Fulbright-mtvU Awards
-Fulbright Public Policy Fellowships
-Travel Grants
-Critical Language Enhancement Award
-Fulbright Business Grants
-Fulbright Journalism Grants
-Opportunities in the Sciences
and Public Health Academic Grants -140 countries
-Reasearch/study grants
-Design their own projects
-Normally work with advisers at foreign universities or other institutes of higher education
-Program requirements vary by country, so the applicant’s first step is to familiarize themselves with the program summary for the host country Arts -Research/study grants
-Primary purpose of the grant is to learn an art form and/or create artistic work
-Application will require the submission of supplementary materials which are detailed in the Applicant section of the website. English Teaching Assistantship -Work in the classroom assisting teachers of English to non-native English-speakers
-Help teach English while serving as a cultural ambassador for U.S. culture
-The age and academic level of classroom students varies by country, ranging from kindergarten to university level
-May only apply to one country Fulbright-mtvU Awards -Available for all countries where there is an active Fulbright U.S. Student Program
-Projects should center around research on an aspect of international musical culture
-Focus on contemporary or popular music as a cultural force for expression
-Preference will be given to recent graduates
-In addition to the Fulbright application, an mtvU Documentation and Outreach Plan is required Fulbright Public Policy Fellowships -Serve in professional placements in foreign government ministries or institutions
-hands-on public sector experience in participating foreign countries
-Simultaneously carrying out an academic research/study project. Travel Grants -Italy
-Supplement an award from any source that does not provide for international travel or a student's own funds for study
-Candidates for a travel grant must submit the official Fulbright U.S. Student online application by the deadline in October and will only be offered a travel grant if the application is deemed qualified by the participating review committees.
- Round-trip international travel to the host country
- Limited Health Benefits
- Mid-term enrichment activities, if available in the host country
- Language or orientation programs, if available in the host country Critical Language Enhancement Award -Supplement in the Fulbright U.S. Student Program
-Allows for three to six months of intensive language study in addition to research or study grants
-This opportunity is available for select languages and in limited host countries. Fulbright Business Grants Australia
One Fulbright-ANU College of Business and Economics Postgraduate Scholarship for study in Business or Economics.

Nine Binational Business Grants to enhance knowledge, expertise, and understanding of post-NAFTA Mexico are available for students interested in combining coursework in international business or law with an internship at a Mexico-based company conducting international or legal business.

NAF/Fulbright Duisenberg School of Finance Grants. Offers MSc programs in Finance and Law, Asset Management, Risk Management, Corporate Finance and Banking, as well as an LLM in Finance and Law and a Ph.D. in Finance.

Fulbright/Instituto de Empresa Grants: One International MBA Grant for full-time study in a one-year international MBA program; One grant for a Master’s in International Management. Fulbright Journalism Grants Germany
5 Professional Journalism Awards for beginning professional journalists or recent graduates in journalism or related fields to conduct independent research and serve as interns or guest journalists at newspapers, publishers or television and radio stations in Germany.

Fulbright/Instituto de Empresa Grants:One grant for a Master’s in Journalism.

1 Alistair Cooke Award in Journalism for a candidate to pursue the first year of a graduate-level program in Journalism in the UK. There is a possibility of an internship with the BBC for the successful candidate. The award is open to candidates at all degree levels. Opportunities in the Sciences and Public Health Australia
The Fulbright CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarship provides the opportunity for Fulbrighters to undertake postgraduate research with Australia’s leading and largest science research organization, CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization). Candidates currently enrolled in Ph.D. programs are eligible to apply.

The Chile Science Initiative provides three grants for Master’s-level or Ph.D. students to conduct study/research at specified Chilean universities. Some programs may not require a high level of Spanish proficiency since much of the work at the Institutes is conducted in English.

The Fulbright Indonesia Research, Science & Technology (FIRST) Awards provide scholarships for Americans to study, teach, and conduct research in priority science and technology fields.

The NAF/Fulbright Research Fellowships provides grants for Ph.D. level candidates in the fields of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics or Physics; NAF/Fulbright Fellowship for Childhood Cancer Research provides a grant for a post M.D. or Ph.D. in oncology.

Fulbright-Fogarty Fellowships in Public Health
Fulbright-Fogarty Fellowships offered in partnership between the Fulbright Program and the Fogarty International Center of the U.S. National Institutes of Health have been established to promote the expansion of research in public health and clinical research in resource-limited settings. Countries East Asia-Pacific
Europe & Eurasia
Middle East & North Africa
South & Central Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa
Western Hemisphere About 140 Countries
All have different programs offered Australia 9 Fulbright Full Grants
1 Fulbright/CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarship
1 Fulbright/ANU College of Business and Economics Scholarship Fulbright Full Grant 8-12 months
Graduate Programs (Master’s or Ph.D., while conducting research) OR
Undertake research project
Must affiliate with Australian universities
Where possible, tuition fees will be waived
Cannot currently reside in Australia or have dual citizenship with Australia 8-12 months
Ph.D. research
Must be currently enrolled in Ph.D. program
Research with CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) on the National Research Flagships
for 2013: Climate Adaptation, Energy Transformed, food Futures, Minerals Down Under, Future Manufacuring (nanotechnology), Preventative
health, Water for a Healthy Country, Wealth from Oceans, and Sustainable Agriculture. Fulbright/CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarship 8-12 months
Business or Economics
Affiliated with the ANU College of Business and Economics
Where possible, tuition fee is waived Fulbright/ANU College of Business
and Economics Scholarship Award Benefits Round-trip transportation to the host country
Funding to cover room, board, and incidental costs, based on the cost of living in the host country
Accident & Sickness Health Benefits Some Countries:
•book and research allowances
•mid-term enrichment activities
•full or partial tuition
•language study programs
•pre-departure and in-country orientations History 1946
Created by Senator J. William Fulbright
Pres. Truman signed into law
Fostered bilateral relationships
More than 307,000 participants
6,000 grants awarded in 2010
Largest U.S. exchange program
1,800 grants annually Application Biographical data
Statement of Grant Purpose
Affiliation Letter (from the host country,
not for public policy)
Personal Statement
Foreign Language Forms (not need if English is a
national language of host country)
References (3, ability to carry out project)

Samples of artistic works (Arts)
Fulbright-mtvU Documentation and
Outreach Plan (mtvU)
Policy Fellowship Goals (Public Policy)
Situational Response (Public Policy)
Resume (Public Policy)
Timeline May-Oct: Apply
Aug-Oct: Campus Deadlines
Oct. 17: Application Deadline
Nov-Dec: National Screening Committee Meetings
Jan. 31: Notification on Recommendation Status
Feb: Public Policy Deadline
March: mtvU deadline
March-May: Final Selection Notification
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