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Logical Fallacy: Oversimplification

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Mark Mausner

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Logical Fallacy: Oversimplification

Logical Fallacy: Oversimplification
By Mark Mausner

What is oversimplification?
To simplify to the point of error, distortion, or misrepresentation.
Oversimplification is saying that "A" caused "B" while ignoring the other factors that lead to "B."
Oversimplification Example #1
"Ever since organized prayer in public schools was outlawed, violence in schools has gone up and grades have gone down."

-This statement is oversimplification because it states that only the banning of prayer has led to increased violence and lower grades when in reality it is a combination of several socioeconomic factors.
Oversimplification example #2
"John has been getting all the girls ever since he started using Old Spice body wash."

-This is oversimplification because John's use of the body wash isn't the only reason he's been getting the girls. John has been working out a lot lately and he also got a nice new haircut.
Oversimplification example #3
"People end up in jail because they are lazy and have no morals."
-While being lazy and having no morals may increase someone's chances of ending up in jail, there are many other factors involved in one's life that can lead to an arrest.
There are often multiple factors for why "A" caused "B". Don't oversimplify in your writing!
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