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About Me

No description

Lana Courage

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of About Me

About Me
This is my profile and this is who I am!

My full name: Lana Alice Courage
My D.O.B: 18/03/2003
My current age: 11
My nicknames: Lani {but only Kasey calls me that}
My zodiac symbol: Pisces
My favourite colours: Aqua and purple
My favourite animals: Pugs and cheetahs
My favourite saying: "do you need a tissue for you issue?''
My favourite book: The fault in our stars
My favourite movie: Expelled
My favourite actor/actress: Cameron Dallas out of Expelled and Paola Andino out of Every witch way
My favourite T.V series: Every witch way and The next step
My favourite singers/bands: OMI and 5sos
My favourite songs: Cheerleader by OMI and all the songs by 5sos
My favourite food: Marshmallows
Favourite radio channel: Nova 919

My Family
At home I live with my dad, mum and sister. My dad's full name is David Raymond John Courage and his birthday is on the fourth of February. My dad used to work at CSIRO with my mum but now he currently does jobs at the Vines golf course for Steven Krause. Steven Krause is a professional golfer and plays in multiple PGA tournaments around the world every year. My mum's full name is Vanessa Kate Courage and her birthday is on the nineteenth of March. My mum works at CSIRO, the location she works at is in the recently built up Sahmri building in town, she works as a health a nutrition study organiser, as well as a health and nutrition organiser she helps our with studies that are in process which means she uses other people's smart phone/Iphone to download a healthy planner that the are recommended to follow. My sister's full name is Lilly Kate Courage and her birthday is the sixteenth of August. My sister works at the Vines golf course and as her job she drives around in a buggy/go cart and washes them then brings them back and parks them into the buggy/go cart shed. She also drives Bill's cart which is the fastest buggy/go cart out of all of them, and what she does is that she drives to the third hole, sixth hole, tenth hole and sixteenth hole to put out the closet to the pin marker. She puts the closet to the pin marker out ready for the next day's golf round. She also clears the practice range from the days golf balls being hit out towards the goals. To collect the golf balls she connects the golf ball collector and drives around in the quad bike to get all of the golf balls up from the range.

Currently at home I live with two dogs, two love-birds and five fish. One of my dogs name is Scooby and he is a blue heeler cross pointer, his birthday is on the thirtieth of November. My other dog's name is Molly. She is a border collie cross kelpie, and her birthday is on the second of April. My family got both of the dogs at the RSPCA two years ago. My two love-birds Cheeky and Pekky are some old age but I don't know exactly how old they are. My family got both the birds from a breeder many years ago. In the mini fish aquarium I have got two catfish named Hoover and Zoom, both their birthdays are on the twenty first of January. To accompany my two little catfish I've got three shubunkin spotty fish. All three of their names are Sir Pugsley, Oscar and David. All three Sir Pugsley, Oscar and David's birthdays are on the seventeenth of November. We used to have a pet horse named Tiger he was a thoroughbred horse which meant he was a racing horse but my family never entered him in any competitions because we didn't train him to be a race horse. Tiger died on the second of August two-thousand and nine. We also had Kealy the Jack Russell. Kealy was a playful little girl but bite everyone for no reason. Sadly Kealy passed away in two-thousand and seven because she was sick and her tiny body couldn't handle it.
My likes/dislikes


Favourite sport: Ice-skating, dance and gymnastics
Favourite song: Cheerleader { by OMI} and all the songs by 5sos
Favourite movie: Expelled
Favourite actor: Cameron Dallas
Favourite book: The fault in our stars
Favourite food: Marshmallows
Favourite meal: Nutella sandwich
Favourite brand: Nike, Apple and Samsung
Favourite you tuber: Zoella and Cameron Dallas
Favourite look of: Pineapples


Food: Olives, brussel sprouts, pineallpes, garlic, hot curry, custard, jam, peanut butter, anchovies, gherkins, beetroot, octopus, crab, squid, maple syrup, avocado, oily food, spaghetti, baked beans, coriander, and allot more.
Movie: Frozen
Book: Little kid books
The look of: Oysters
Meal: Anything with gross stuff on it
Sport: Soccer and ice hockey
Singers: Miley Cyrus and Jusin Bieber
Songs: All songs by Miley Cyrus and Jusitn Bieber

My most embarrassing moment

My most embarrassing moment was when I was in year four and I was walking to the front of the class, I didn't notice that my teacher {Mr Allen} was walking towards me, since I was small and my teacher was fairly tall I was tiny compared to him. I kept walking and the next thing I know I smashed into his stomach. Since he had a round belly I went backwards. Jess was in my class in year four and she considers my incident a sausage. Sometimes Jess says to me remember you had a sausage.

When I am older and have saved up enough money I am hoping to visit the places listed.

Los Angeles
New York City



Taking photos
Ice skating
Listening to music
Decorating my room
Watching the T.V
Going on you tube and watching Zoella's tutorial's

Sports I do now


Sports I used to do


My close friends/best friends

Jessica Marshman
Cheyann Gatter
Kasey Hausler
Hayley Northcott
Kristel Heuer
Kaylah Male
Kelseylee McConochie

Jessica I met in year four when we were in the same class.
Cheyann I met in year six when we were in the same class.
Kasey I met in year six when we were in the same class.
Hayley I met in year five when we were in the same class.
Kristel I met in year five when we were in the same class.
Kaylah I met in year five when we were in the same class.
Kelseylee I met in year six when we were in the same class.

Future/life ahead

In my future I would love to be a famous dancer or a nurse. I would like to be a dancer because I think it's nice to show off your talents to people who enjoy watching you dance. I also think dancing gives allot of inspiration to the ones who want to be a dancer when they grow up or if they simply like to watch people dance. If dancing doesn't work out for me I would like to be a nurse. Nurses are given a huge responsibility to take care of the patients, and I want to be one of those people who help the patients who need it the most. Also in my future I would like to have a good looking husband and have two lovely kids of my own. I would like one of my kids to be a girl and the other to be a boy. In my future my best friends will definitely be included in it, so we can go throw life together as best friends.

Since I don't play video games I play on the wii instead. My favourite game to play on the wii is tennis. I enjoy playing tennis because it's hilarious when I bet my sister.
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