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The Acropolis

Humanities 7th grade

Susan Joh

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of The Acropolis

The Acropolis The Parthenon The Erechtheion The Propylaea The Columns How it was Destroyed The Parthenon was built between 447-438 BCE. Building it took about 15 years You can see the scenes from the Trojan War carved on the north wall. You can also see the Gigantomachy on the east wall. The Gigantomachy represents the war of the Olympians and the Forces of Chaos led by Alkynes. The Parthenon is the most well known temple of all, in the present day (on the Acropolis), and it is also the largest temple of the Acropolis. You can see the Amazonomachy on the west wall, which represented the triumph of Greek civilization over barbarianism. It was the battle between the Olympians and the Amazons. On the south wall, you can see the Centauromachy. The represented the struggle between civilization and barbarism because centaurs were considered as "untamed horses", hence the name "Centaur"omachy. It was designed and built by Ictinus and Calicrates, and the sculptor and supervisor was Phidias. These are the Caryatides. They are young women. Something interesting about them are that they are all different in design. This is a model of what the Erechtheion has probably looked like before it was worn down and still had a roof. The Erechtheion was built between 421 to 405BC and is the most recently built temple of the Acropolis. The temple is located on the north of the Acropolis. This is what the Erechtheion looks like now. Another fact about the Erechtheion, is that the carved details on it are not great for Classic architecture.
Prezi Made By: Susan Joh Book Design and Idea By: Sae Rome Choi Project By: Susan Joh and Sae Rome Choi
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