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LotF Lost Concept Map

No description

Dominic Pieroni

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of LotF Lost Concept Map

LotF and Lost Jack Bloodthristy Rebelious One of Jack's main character
traits, he is always wanting to kill and feel the rush of the hunt. This can be connected to the character John Locke from Lost. I made this connection because Jack loves feeling the adrenline of the hunt. In Lost, John wanted to go on the walk about in Australia and feel the rush of adventure, and on the island he is the hunter. Simon Individual Simon is an individual character.
He goes off by himself and spends time alone in the forest often (Golding 58). This character trait can be related to Jin and Sun how they are not really choosing sides and staying by themselves. Leadership Jack is a natural leader, and has
experience from him being head boy
of the choir before the plane crash (16). In Lost this can be connected to the character Jack who establishes himself as leader a right away. Although Jack (in LotF) takes a long time to become a leader he eventually controls most of the cildren and rules they way he wants. Kind Simon is a kind character because
in the book he is helping out a lot,
helping with the shelters when
everyone left (63-64). Also, the littluns
like him because when he is around he will
help pick the fruit that the are not able to
reach. This can be related to the trait Sayid has in the first four episodes. He does
not complain very much, does tasks when he needs to and helps with things around the wreck as much as he can. Rebellious Jack shows that he is rebellious almost right from the start. You can see the start of it when he does not get voted chief on the island. It really shows when he asks the rest of the "tribe" if they would like to join his group instead of Ralph's (158-159). I think this trait can be connected to Sawyer in lost. He is always causing problems and not going with the flow but trying to change things the way he wants it. Smart I think that Simon is the
smartest character in the book.
Although Piggy has good ideas
about keeping the island civilized,
Simon is the one who does not get too
involved in the politics. Also he is the
first on to realize what the beast
actually is, not physical but mental.
This can be related to many characters
on Lost. Jack, John, Kate, and Sayid are
a few. They are all bright and try to
solve problems on the island. Self-concious Jack Merridew is a self-concious
person because when he does not get a pig on his first few hunts he makes a mask for himself. I think that this can be connected to Charlie in Lost. He is a drug addict and he probably started doing drugs because he did not like the way his life was and wanted to make it better. Brave Simon is a brave character
because when nobody else wants
to climb to the top of the mountian to see the "beast" he is the one that offers. Even though he does this because he does not believe in the beast he still shows bravery for not believing. He also goes on the first exploration of the island (31). Sayid, Sawyer, Kate all show that they are brave when they first exploring for higher grounds. Adventurous Jack is adventurous because
he is the one of the first ones to explore the island (31). He is also always keen to look more into the island and hunt. Again, many characters in Lost can be connected to this trait, the first group that went looking to get a radio signal. Insecure Simon showed insecurity throughout
the book. Many times during a meeting
he wanted to take the conch and say
something but he never would because
he was not confident enough to speak
to the assembly. I think that Sun can be
related to this trait. Even though I believe
she gets her insecurity from her husband
because she does not want to talk to anyone
else on the island. Confident Jack is a confident character because
he gets enough courage to leave Ralph's group and ask the others to come with him. He gains confidence throughout the book from hunting and showing his skills. Jack in Lost is also a confident character, believing that he would save the U.S. Agent and being a leader.
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