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The Battle of Velasco

News Report

Veronica Munoz

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of The Battle of Velasco

WHAT HAPPENED TO CAUSE THIS BIG MASSACRE? THE BATTLE OF VELASCO THE DANGEROUS PLACE FORBIDDEN TO ENTER: FOR YOUR OWN GOOD THE RESULTS OF THE BATTLE OF VELASCO I have gone around town asking people what they saw happen, and many people have said that they just heard many people arguing. I asked what they were able to hear and these colonists said that in the argument, Domingo de Ugartechea, the Mexican commander in charge of a fort at the town of Velasco, didn't allow the texans across to the other side. They weren't allowed to the other side, so the argument started and the battle began. BEFORE THE ACTUAL EVENT Many colonists agree that they were in great danger in the year of 1832 because the battle had created a Civil War that was not a pretty sight. There was much confusion when the war broke out on June 26, 1832 because of the problem that was to settle a different problem which was not able to be completed. Stay tuned for even more information on this interesting topic, we'll return right after this short break. THE TIME PERIOD THE EVENT WAS TAKEN PLACE THE PROBLEM THAT CAUSED THE DANGEROUS BATTLE After three days of fighting the Mexicans ran out
of "ammo" and were forced to surrender. then the Texans resumed their journey to Anahuac, only to find that the conflict they were going to settle was already settled. However, 8-10 Texans were killed and another 12 wounded. Mexican losses were placed at 5 killed and about 15 wounded. Hello! This is Veronica Munoz speaking from the middle of Texas. I am hiding between the bushes from this massive battle, this has been the best news in Texas since the time Andrew Jackson became president! Stay tuned to find out more about what caused it, where is it caused, and what any veiwers saw happen before this grand event. Please stay tuned, we'll return after these commercials. Bibliography
1."Texas, Our Texas".Larry Willoughby, Holt Rinehart and Winston,Inc., Florida 1993.
3.http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wood+commercials Welcome Back! I have terrible news, all the houses near Anahuac have been evacuated because of the terrible war. This place that the battle started is near the entrance of Anahuac it is really dangerous. I highly sugest not to enter the dangerous place which is filled with powder from all the shooting that has been going on for the past hours or so. That is all on The Battle of Velasco. Thank You for watching! This is Veronica Muñoz Live on KPRC Local 2 News. That is it for today have a great day and remember......
-"FIGHTING IS NOT THE SOLUTION TO ANY PROBLEM, FORGIVING IS"- We are back from the break and I am here to tell you what caused the battle. The story to this battle is when the Texans were on there way to settle a conflict and they were supposed to cross the border but at the border Domingo de Ugartechea blocked the Texans from transporting a cannon for possible use against Mexican forces at nearby Anahuac. So after that conflict they started a battle. The people who were involved in this battle were the Texans, the Mexicans, and Domingo de Ugertechea.
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