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Aretha Franklin

No description

Ashley Westlund

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Aretha Franklin

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Aretha Franklin

Aretha's First Hit
At 14 Aretha was singing in church and she had a gospel single. all because of her daddy's good friend Clara Ward. Clara influenced Aretha to sing in church more than she did. Aretha loved blues and gospel.She loved to turn the gospel into blues.
Getting Started
She would write it in a diary. When her daddy read it he was mad. So he talked to Aretha but She wouldn't stop. she wanted to prove it was not that bad. So one day in church she was going to sing amazing grace but she sung it to blues music
Going from gospel to blues
When Aretha was 18 she talked to her daddy about going to New York to be a singer. Her daddy knew Aretha would like to be a singer,so he was ok with it. So Aretha went on to New York to start a career.
Most people know Aretha as the Queen of Soul. In 1967 Aretha's song Respect was a great hit! Some white thought Respect was racial. Aretha cleared it up by saying... being a singer is a gift, it means i'm using to the gift god gave me to use in the way i would like. In 2000 Aretha ended her caree to spend time with famliy.
Aretha before a star
Aretha was born on March 25, 1942 in Memphis, but raised in Detroit. When Aretha was 6 her mom and dad split. She lived with her dad C.L. Franklin and sisters Carolyn and Erma.
when Aretha was 10 her mom died. Dad was a preacher so Aretha sang at church. That's were it all begin.
A new blues star
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