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The Life of Nero

No description

Bailey Crase

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of The Life of Nero

The Life of Nero By Bailey Crase and Olivia Deer The Birth of Nero When evil was born Nero was born Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus at Antium in AD 37. This day would eventually haunt romans for years to come. Nero Growing Up
Agrippina convinced the emperor,
Claudius, to marry her. She convinced
Claudius to let Nero be the new
emperor of Rome. In 54 A.D., Nero
became emperor. Emporer Nero's Interests In 62 A.D. Nero killed his wife, Octavia. This is when he started to act harshly to all of Rome.
Emporer Nero devoted himself to such interests as horse-racing, singing, acting, dancing, poetry and sexual exploits. He loved people to watch him perform. He was not a good actor, though. Some people even pretended to die just to be carried out of the theater. Agrippina
In 59 A.D., Agrippina was killed.
Her own son ordered
people to kill her. As he stood over
her dead body, he complimented
her on how attractive she was. The Burning of Christians . The Great Fire
In 64 A.D. a great fire
broke out in Rome.
This fire would destroy
75% of Rome. People believe
Nero started the great fire
just because he wanted more
room for a bigger palace.
As the great fire was happening,
Nero was apparently singing a
song on his roof. The fire was blamed on the Christians, for their religion was not popular at the time. So, Nero burnt the Christians in the fire that was spreading throughout Rome. Nero's Golden Palace After the fire, Nero was able to build a mile long golden palace. It was highly convenient that he built such a large palace right after such a tragic event. First imperial 'persecution' of Christians
In 64 Nero also started the persecution of the Christians. He ordered to have all Christians killed. Death of Nero
On June 9, Nero was being chased by the Senate to be killed, so he ordered one of his slaves to kill him in a ditch outside of Rome. This was the end of the emperor, Nero, of Rome. Credits:



http://virtualreligion.net/iho/nero.html Nero tours Greece
After Nero's first stage performance
in A.D 65, he toured Greece to act out plays
for the Greeks
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