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Human Body

All about human bodies

Tasnimul Rafid

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of Human Body

Human Body You have many parts in youself. You have a heart that pumps your blood.
You have a brain that tells the parts of your body what to do. Your brain has all the thing you know packed in their. You have lungs. You breath air so you take in air it goes to your lungs and when you take out air, the air goes out of your lungs. Vains travel your blood. You have a blood circulation. If your blood circulation stops you will die.
You have a digestive system. It digests your wastes from food but keeps the good things from the food. When you eat, your food goes to your stomach. You have 2 kidnies. It's okay if 1 kidney gets destroyed, you have 1 more. But if you lose both of them you can die unless someone gives you 1 kidney.
You are mostly made out of water. These are some parts of you. In the picture you will see the sientific names.
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