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Final Presentation: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Group Two Presentation for Adams Theater production.

Creative Design

on 22 December 2012

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Transcript of Final Presentation: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Ideas and Concepts Scenic Design Costume Design Lighting Design A Midsummer Night's Dream Final Production Design Presentation Concept and Ideas The theme we have chosen from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" is progression. During the show, the characters are altered by their experiences, immediately and long-term.

The three sets of couples represent different points in relationships. There are the dating couple, committed relationship about to be married, and the older married couple and their constant bickering. Within one play, Shakespeare presents a short look at how loving relationships mature and evolve. Visual Progression within the Production Visual progression within the production occurs as characters travel between the structured world of cities to the fantastical world of the forest (and back). The travels of the dating couples radically change their relationships after the events in the forest.

The climax of the production combines both worlds as the supernatural characters Oberon and Titania come to bless the married couple. Visually, the two worlds combine for the wedding as the refreshed forest can be seen from the palace. World of the Play Set in Classical Greece, period appropriate architectural elements will be found in the city and palace scenes. Costumes for the main characters will also be period appropriate. Straight lines, planned design, and tailored fabrics will be the focus for these design elements. Mood and Style In order to contrast the two worlds, Athens will be a city of light, structure, and organization while the forest will be a fluid and organic world where the unexpected is an everyday occurrence.

The surface differences of both worlds is an illusion. Each is controlled by their respective leaders and the lovers are equally helpless with regards to their fates.

Brightly lit scenes in the city will be met with eery saturated colors of the forest. In the end of the play, the deeper colors will be found in the city with the return of the lovers. Athens Design Early Forest Concepts Early Forest Design Wedding Concepts Wedding Design Helena Concepts Helena Design (City) Helena Design (Forest) Fairy Concepts Fairy Design Fairy Fabrics Athens Concepts The oak forest for the middle scenes of the play will be murky and untamed. Organic and curved shapes of the trees and lighting elements will reflect the changes as the city-dwellers enter a new realm. Costumes will possess deeper colors and flowing design not found in the Athenian outfits. Helena Sketches Fairy Sketches Titania Concepts Titania Sketches Titania Design Titania (Wedding) Costume Progression Questions? Research for
Act III: Scene II
(The fog that put's
everyone to sleep) Rendering of scene Research for Act II: Scene 2
Titania's Fairy Cove Rendering of scene Research for Act II: Scene 1
(the woods outside the city) Lighting Key Lighting Key Roaming Tree
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