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The Armenian Genocide

The Armenian genocide described in eight stages.

Phil Bangs

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of The Armenian Genocide

3. Dehumanization Dehumanization: The denial of humanity by one group to another, lowering the victim's group status to "less than human."
Eliminates the moral guilt and reluctance in committing murder of the group.
Perpetrated by hate propaganda in forms of public announcements, posters, works and radio.
Young Turks were encouraging idea that the Turkish people were superior to the Armenians in terms of race, religion, and political differences. (Words used to describe Armenians: traitors, saboteurs, infidels.)
Armenia: Done through hate rallies, public speeches, word of mouth, the importance of government messages and of Muslim Mullahs. 2.Symbolization During genocide, names, colors, physical symbols, etc are given to identify those who are a part of a group currently being targeted by those in power. In many countries, symbolization and classification fall hand in hand and do not necessarily result in genocide unless dehumanization comes into play. During genocide, those from a hated group may be forced to wear or carry objects that identify them i.e. the yellow star for Jews under Nazi rule, and the blue scarf for people from the Eastern Zone in Cambodia. Basic Overview of Armenian Genocide 1915-1918, 1920-1923
Victims: Armenians (Christian Minority)
Perpetrators: Young Turks
Est. death toll: 1.5 million Armenians 4. Organization The decision to annihilate the entire population came directly from the ruling triumvirate of ultra-nationalist Young Turks. Extermination orders were transmitted in coded telegrams to all provincial governors.

There were mass arrests and killings of Armenians by Turkish soldiers and police agents.

Turkish gendarmes escorted caravans consisting of thousands of deported Armenians. These guards allowed roving government units of hardened criminals (the ‘Special Organization’) to attack the defenseless people, killing anyone they pleased. 7. Extermination After dehumanizing the victims, there are mass killings, either carried out by the militia and sponsored by the state, or as revenge killings, pitting civilians against one another.

During the Armenian Genocide, several techniques were used in order to perpetrate the mass killings. In Eight Stages The Armenian Genocide 1. Classification All cultures have categories to
distinguish people into “us and them”
by ethnicity, race, religion, or nationality.

As far as the Turks were concerned, classification was simple. You were either a Turk and therefore a good person, or you were Armenian and therefore a 'monster'. 5.Polarization The Turk Government drove apart the Muslim Turks from the Christian Armenians
They discriminated and abused the Armenians in public.
The Turks would try to convince people publicly that the Armenians were teaming up
and going against the government and that the Armenians were planning to execute the
leaders of the Committee of Union and Progress.
The Turks also tried to make sure that no one tried to aid the Armenians in achieving
those goals, they stated that it would not only be illegal to do so, but it would be an act of treason and the punishment was death.
The Turks also made sure that those that tried to resist them would be executed
immediately, such as the Armenian troops, government leaders, and officials.
Also, to make sure that the population of the Armenians would not increase, the
Turks separated the men from the women. 6.Preparation
By: Roxy Preparation is the sixth stage of genocide and happens when the victims are separated and identified because of their religion and ethnicity. Furthermore they are often sent into concentration camps or left somewhere where there is no life, and where their life will end. Their property is also taken by the perpetrators.

In the Ottoman Empire, the Turks lead the Armenians to concentration camps and others were forced to march into the middle of the Syrian desert until they would die. Everything that was left behind by the Armenians such as businesses, wealth, and their homes were confiscated by the Turks. Thus, the Armenian genocide does meet the stage of preparation. 8. Denial 1. Mass Burnings 2. Drowning 3. Use of Poison and Drug Overdose 5. Deportations 6. Death Marches 7. Extermination camps Mehmet Talaat Pasha
Leader of the Young Turks Mia Dean 1915: two million Armenians within Turkey
2013: there are fewer than 60,000 -Vast amount of evidence such as, official archives, photographic evidence, the reports of diplomats, and the testimony of survivors. -Denial started with the genocide in 1915, that denial has found itself being continued to this very day. Almost a century later. -Period after world war 1, the government's policy was to find scapegoats. The next era of the Turkish government dealing with the Armenian Genocide revolves around denying it's existence through: -Avoiding the issue. -Government led/encouraged research that concludes there was no genocide. -Making accepting the genocide = a crime of "insulting Turkishness" (2005) -Disrupting academic conferences and public discussions of the Genocide in schools and otherwise. # of dead Armenian Estimate = 1.5 million Republic of Turkey = 300,000 -Several senior Ottoman officials were put on trial in Turkey in 1919-20 "Argentina, Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, Russia and Uruguay are among more than 20 countries which have formally recognised genocide against the Armenians." 4. Hangings
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