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Scenario Planning

Awesome template but don't use it with Chrome... Or it may crash ! (sorry)

Veronica Cheong

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Scenario Planning

What's Next?
Presented By...
We Believe...
aka Veronica Cheong
Once upon a time...
Changing Demographics
Stakeholder Map
hat's next?
Top of the World...

ew Entrants
Lots of Convergence from other industries --
Automobile, Retailers, Home Security, Communications, Network Integrators, Manufacturers, etc...
Related Services
takeholders Map
Related Services
elated Services
Metal that Breathes?!
"Grow" your home!
Build Home with Sand & Bacteria!
nputs & Producers
Innovations on glasses
4D Printing
Besides new energy types, innovations from other inputs (e.g. glasses, 4D printing) could drive significant changes in energy generation and consumptions
ther Users of Inputs
Hey! Don't forget the "real" boss in the middle --
Planet Earth!!!
lternative Services
Think beyond just energy. What about neuroscience, biology, genetic engineer and ecosystem/ nature?!
Technologies & Industries Convergence
Balance of Planetary Boundaries
Smart City/
Mind/ Body/ Lifestyle Change
China: Middle Kingdom
Modern Power House
Increasing middle class with increasing buying power
Aging population leading to high demand in health care & senior services
Relaxing of one-child policy increases birth rate

Continued deterioation of pollution
Increase in extreme natural catastrophes
Desperate hunt for natural resources through collaboration & alliances
Focus on innovations and sustainabilities

15 Mega cities over 25m pp
Increasing demands in jobs and education
Increasing income inequality

Increaing power of Social Networks
Converging Technologies
"Always on"
Become the largest economy & purchasing power in the world
Increase # of Free Trade Zones
Increase level of Consumerism
=> Move from Paper to Plastic
Increase education drives social unrest
Continue to buy developed countries' debt
The Master Becomes the Student
takeholders Map
Architect, Researches, Governments and NGOs will continue has significant impact on Energy Industry
Energy Trilemma
lternative Services
Think beyond just energy. What about neuroscience, biology, genetic engineer and ecosystem/ nature?!
Biomimicry Architecture
ther Buyer Demands
Green School in Bali
Lots of possibilities from every aspects of life!
Manufacturer => Designer
Cheap => Value Add
Copier => Creator
Educated abroad => Diversity
Talent Import => Culture Shift
Social Networks => Collaboration

Great Fall of China
China will run the rest of the world into a financial crisis that no one has seen before
The Party's Over
Central => Regions
Government => People
United "Regions" => Legal Independent States

The Party's Over
- Read the tea leaves
- Innovation from ancient traditions
- e.g. Silk will change the world

Shadow financing => government default
Over-development => ghost cities
RMB appreciation => Exports decrease
Consumer credit sky-rockets
Great Fall of China
Rural => Mega Cities
Blocked Networks => Social Networks
Idea containment => Freedom of Expression
Andre Maier
Stefan Schait
Veronica Cheong
Tamara Finlay
Timothy Eric
Tom Bonham
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