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Copy of PowerPoint Import

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Maria Tereza Sarmento

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Copy of PowerPoint Import

Ms. Heather France
Nile River Valley
The Civilization of Pharaos
Flooding Season
June - September
Farmers work for the
Pharaos, building pyramids
or temples also they would be mending tools and looking for animals.
Growing Season
October - Feburary
The flood had stopped and has left a layer of rich, black soil. The soil is ploughed and seeded
Egyptian Crops include Vegetables and Seeds
Wheat, Barley, Figs, Melon, Pomegranates, Vines and Flax
Onions, Leeks, Cabbages, Beans, Cucumbers, and Lettuce
The Egyptians grew their crops along the banks of the River Nile on the rich black soil, or kemet which was left behind after the yearly floods. The fertile soil was ideal to grow healthy crops.
Ancient Egyptians had simple farming tools such as winnowing scoops, hoes, rakes, flint-bladed sickles and ploughs.
Somepeople live in the Nile
They take really good care of the Nile.
What are good things people do to help the Nile ?
How was the River Nile life support of Egypt?
It helped because, it worked as role.
Provides H20
And gives food for Egypt people
It also gave soil
Fun Facts
The Nile is the biggest river in the world.
The lenght of the Nile is about 6650 kilometers
The Nile River lies in the following countries:
Kenya, Eritrea, Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, Lavanda, Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia
In wich Africa country is the Nile River's Delta located?
The Nile Delta is located in Egypt
The Pharaoh
In The Nile River goverment they had a god called Pharaoh. They give him all the control of there empire.
Almost all the priest was the Pharaoh's advisers.
Sometimes when boats treval may get it derty with the motors and food people throw away
Sometimes when people farm they can be poluided.
What bad things people do to the Nile?
Advanced Cities
Specialized Workers
Pyramid Builders:
Most pyramid builders have two jobs. Working as a farmer the growing and harvesting seasonad as a pyramind builder when floods happen. Sometimes they didn't even work building pyramids. Pyramid Builders were commanded by the highest power... The Pharaohs
Types of Workers
Pyramid builders
What does it mean to be specialized in a job?
Dictionary definition:
To pursue a special activity, occupation, or field of study.
Economy and Trade
What caused economy in Egypt?
Most economy was caused because of farming surpluses. Surpluses are when you have more than what of need. Farmers needed clothes, so they exchanged food for cloth.
Social Class Pyramid
Trade was a common thing because of surplses. Pharaoh Hatshepsut expanded trading to the Red Sea and theEastern Desert.
Nile River Valley Civilization
Writing System

By Antonio 6A


Hieroglyphs are the egyptians writings.It looks like diffent forms. The egyptians use hieroglyphs to communicate with gods. It is a very difficult writing system.
In that times the egyptians would write in paper that was made from papyrus reed.Papyrus Reed is a water marsh plant. The writing instrument they used was a pot for grinding pigment, Pigment is a powder from plants.And this plants makes paint or ink whenever mixed with a liquid.
Needing The river
When Did the Nile river help in the writing system?
A scribe is a person who works with the copying of writing.Scribes recorded the state's share of taxes, they also orded supplies for temples and the egyptian army.When someone in Egypt didn't know how to write they would come to the local scribe and give him money to write the letter.
Good Facts

.There are over 700 hieroglyphic symbols.
.Most people couldn't write,so if you were a scribe you would get a great opportunity for writing.
.One reason egyptians used birds as one of the hieroglyphic symbols is that birds is a nature piece.
SOme Hieroglyphs
Papyrus Reed
Advanced Technology
Although ancient Egyptians lived some thousand years ago, it didn’t mean that they aren’t intelligent or knowledge less, quite the contrary. The Ancient Egyptians made monuments such as The Pyramid of Giza, by hand, and without concrete, but pressure. I'm introducing you to the Early Egyptians Technology.
Lever and Ramp
The Boats
Did you know Ancient Egyptians invented the boat? Yes they did, of course they weren't like sofisticated ones like we have today, but they were made from wood. Egyptians main goal was to pass through the Mediterranean Sea, but they didn't know how. So, they created a vehicle, the boat, to pass through it.
Did you know Egyptians also invented the lever and the ramp? Yes they did. Could you imagine the someone who lived about 4,000 years ago could invent something that is used frequently in the construction of buildings and houses?
Egyptian Gods:

Montu -The God of water
Amun-Re - The great and creator God
Thoth -God of knowledge
Khons -God of the moon
Horus -The Royal protector
Sekhmet - Goddess of war
Sobek - The God of crocodiles
Anubis - God of the necropolis
Isis - Goddess of women
Osiris - God of death and rebirth (underworld)
Hathor - Goddess of love

Social Classes
During that time in Egypt, there were six types of social classes, the rich ones had more more power, and the weakest ones are the poor ones who can't do "nothing", but work.
The Weakest Ones
Of course, out of six social class one third are the poor ones, like today's communities. In ancient Egypt they were the slaves and the farmers. Farmers had control over the slaves, but still they had a almost no power.
The Middle Class Ones
Of course like any community there is the B class. Being in the B class, means not having THAT power, but at least the person have food water and have sustainability. In this case, they are the
scribes,soldiers, nobles, and the priests.
The Rich Guys! $$$
This people are extremely rich. The first one, there is in the fifth category is the vizier, the pharaoh's butler. And the last and richest one is the PHARAOH! He rules and commands everything that is happening in Egypt.

The ancient egyptians believed that the afterlife was a beautiful and peaceful place in the Nile river. They called this heavenly place, Two Fields

Body Mummification

It takes 70 days to mummify a body...
1. First, remove the brain through the nose because this is the only exit, with a hook
2. Then, take internal organs, but not the heart. When you mummify a body you dont take the heart because egyptians belief that when you die your intelligence and special emotion were attracted and contained in the heart.
3. After that, the embalmers ( people who mummified the bodies) covered the body with salt, to dry it.The body needed to stay and rest for 40 days.
4. The organs that were removed were placed in jars.
5. Then, the body laid for 15 days with sand and scented oil for shape.
6. After that, a funeral mask was set in the mummies face.
7. Finally, a priest dresed as Anubis ( god of necropolis) gave a speach and then putted the mummy on a tomb.
Social Studies River Valley Civilization Project
The Nile river did affect the writing system.If they didn't have the Nile they wouldn't have papyrus reed (the river is where it grows).They wouldn't have clay to make clay boards(that is another way of writing.So that is how the river is needed.

Belief Systems
Complex Institutions
Harvesting Season
Feburary - June
Farmers collect y grown crops to possibly trade
Maria Tereza Sarmento
Marcela Calmon
Isabella Jones
Antonio Felipe
Lucas Samuel
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